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Early Learning to Year 12

Head of Drama - Edition 12 - 2021

Well, COVID-19 certainly challenged all of us and, no doubt will continue to do so! During our prolonged lock-down Drama students were able to continue to learn some fundamental principles from a number of systems actors use to create memorable performances. They were then able to bring these to their work on the floor in the Drama Studio, albeit whilst wearing masks. Masks have certainly caused us all to observe peoples eyes more, both when performing and conversing! The SACE Stage 1 class is working on their upcoming production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and, despite a COVID induced shortened rehearsal period, are tracking well toward opening night on Wednesday 1 September. The focus of the cast is very much on the comedy implicit in the text and conveying this in a way audiences are sure to find hilarious. Recently I was privileged to attend Independent Theatre Company’s superb production of Macbeth; it was great to see a cast handle language many people find challenging in a way that made it entirely comprehensible and, subsequently, very engaging indeed! This is something the Year 11 cast is aspiring to achieve. Rehearsals are very much focused on bringing sometimes dense language to life.

To this end, our Rehearsal Retreat at Nunyara Conference Centre, initially cancelled, then shifted to late August, then brought forward due to unexpected availability was very busy indeed! Organized in such a way as to enable the cast to rehearse up to four scenes simultaneously, we emerged from the four days with a production that is ready to polish for the final performance. The current Year 12 SACE Stage 2 Drama students, along with Old Scholars Amy Bower (’15), Dana Cropley (’15) and Lia Devetzidis (’19), are providing much-appreciated assistance for the production.

I very much look forward to presenting this comedy at a time when we could all use a laugh!

Further to this, it should be mentioned that the Year 8-10 Co-curricular Junior Play, affectionately referred to as the JP, will be auditioning from Week 7 this term. With the very energetic, capable Year 11s providing all elements of production support, this will be a great opportunity for Year 8-10 students to be involved in a fantastic production that is always great fun to be a part of. Drama is, despite COVID-19, alive and well at Westminster School!

John Doherty
Head of Drama