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Academic Results

Please follow the link to view the Class of 2017 Results brochure.

Below is a message from our School Principal, Simon Shepherd, sharing the results of our Class of 2017.

Westminster Class of 2017 SACE Results Overview

It is my pleasure to share with you an overview of the excellence achieved in the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) by Westminster’s Class of 2017.

The median ATAR for the Class of 2017 was 84.7, one of the highest SACE results ever achieved at Westminster.

Of all grades achieved by the Class of 2017, almost half were As (47%), while 92% of grades were As and Bs, a significant increase over the high standard recorded in 2016.

Of the 130 students who gained an ATAR:

  • 3% of students achieved an ATAR above 99
  • 25% of students achieved an ATAR above 95
  • 40% of students achieved an ATAR above 90
  • 61% of students achieved an ATAR above 80

I am delighted to announce that the honour of 2017 Dux is shared by Jacob Wilson and Yashwanth Chandrasekaran who each achieved an ATAR of 99.9. This is the tenth time in the history of Westminster that the Dux has been shared by more than one student, and the first time since 2004. Both students are to be congratulated for their exceptional achievement reflected in their ATAR and in their Merits for ‘perfect’ subject scores:

  • Jacob – four Merits (Chemistry; Musicianship; Physics; Research Project B)
  • Yashwanth – three Merits (Chemistry; English; Research Project B)

Every student in the cohort should be congratulated for their efforts this year and in particular, we can all share pride in the achievements of the following students who join our Duces, Jacob and Yashwanth in rounding out our top ten ATARs achieved:

  • Sankkirtana Sellvakumaran (two Merits) is our Proxime Accessit with an ATAR of 99.25
  • Maddison Simmons (two Merits) achieved an ATAR of 99.05
  • Annelise Smith (one Merit) achieved an ATAR of 98.7
  • Lily Drummond (two Merits), Alexander Reardon (two Merits) and Ella Secombe (one Merit) all achieved an ATAR of 98.55
  • Tayla Wilsdon achieved an ATAR of 98.4
  • Melanie Tattersall (one Merit) achieved an ATAR of 98.1
  • Henry Watson achieved an ATAR 98.05
  • Madeline Slegers (one Merit) and Cammie Williams each achieved an ATAR of 97.95
  • Charles Thomson achieved an ATAR of 97.9

Westminster’s Class of 2017 was awarded 41 Merits for ‘perfect’ subject scores, and an additional four Merits were awarded to Year 11 students undertaking Stage II subjects this year. This is an outstanding result and is one of the highest SACE Merits tallies ever recorded at Westminster. Merits have been achieved across 19 different subject areas, proving again that Westminster gives students every opportunity to excel in their areas of interest, as part of an exceptional all-round education:

  • Accounting – two Merits
  • Business and Enterprise – one Merit
  • Chemistry – three Merits (including one awarded in 2016)
  • Communication Products II – one Merit
  • Creative Arts – two Merits (including one awarded in 2016)
  • English – four Merits
  • Ensemble Performance – one Merit (awarded in 2016)
  • Essential Mathematics – one Merit
  • First Language Maintenance II – one Merit
  • Mathematical Methods – one Merit
  • Musicianship – one Merit
  • Outdoor Education – six Merits
  • Physics – one Merit
  • Psychology – five Merits (including one awarded to a student in the Class of 2018)
  • Research Project B – eleven Merits (including eight awarded in 2016 and three awarded to students in the Class of 2018)
  • Solo Performance – one Merit
  • Specialist Mathematics – one Merit
  • Visual Arts – Art – one Merit
  • Workplace Practices – one Merit

I am delighted to report that over the past five years at Westminster, our graduating students’ number of A+ grades has increased by more than 83% and their A grades, by more than 38%. This remarkable improvement is testament to the continued strategic investment the School is making into further enhancing the quality of teaching and learning at Westminster.

It is absolutely essential to acknowledge and thank our Director of Learning, Andrea Sherwood for her leadership, which is making such a significant impact on our students and their academic success.

Supporting Andrea is our fine teaching staff from the Early Learning Centre and the Preparatory School through to Year 12, whose work over the years has helped our students achieve such all-round excellence. Especially deserving of acknowledgment is our Head of Senior School David Wallage and Head of Senior Students Tony Ritson (’93) for their dedicated support and guidance of our Year 12 cohort. Westminster students are privileged to have such an outstanding team of teaching and support staff. Thank you and congratulations to you all.

To the Class of 2017, on behalf of everyone at Westminster, I wish you all the very best as you move forward to the next exciting stage of your lives. You will always be welcome at Westminster, and we look forward to hearing and celebrating your achievements as Old Scholars for years to come.

Simon Shepherd