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Creative Arts

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would it be important to keep studying a subject from the Creative Arts?

Future work is becoming more automated and a key skill employers are looking for is the ability to think creatively. These courses allow students to create divergent concepts while also being critical regarding how to actualise their own solutions. The students' folio is used as a record of critical and creative thinking. The Creative Arts is also about looking and responding to the world, creating solutions to problems, and working with social and cultural themes with their projects.

If I want to follow the creative pathway, can I do two subjects in this area in Stage 1 and Stage 2?

Yes. We have many students who choose to do a combination of subjects from the Creative Arts areas and this gives students a broad understanding of the various specialisations while still having a certain synergy regarding process, language and critical and creative thinking from the key specialisations.

Does this limit subject choices for Year 12?

Students can do two Year 12 subjects, although one would come under the SACE Visual Arts banner and the second would come under the SACE Creative Arts banner. Even if students choose to do one Stage 2 subject they still come to the subject with a broad base of understanding and skills, and this is always beneficial.

Is it difficult to do two Creative Arts subjects in Year 12?

Yes and no. It depends on the individual. Many students have done two subjects in the same year and have been very successful. The main consideration for students undertaking two subjects is their personal time management skills, as projects go for a number of weeks. If you are not sure, please speak with the Creative Arts staff who are with your work patterns as they can provide guidance as to whether studying two subjects would be a sensible choice for you.

Can I still do two Stage 2 subjects but over two years?

Yes, we have had students take this option in the past, i.e. choosing Stage 2 Creative Arts in Year 11 then completing Stage 2 Visual Arts in Year 12, giving them two ATAR subjects from their area of interest. Students have said they had the advantage of doing two subjects and they felt they hit the ground running in Year 12 as they were familiar with the process. This option needs to be discussed with the Curriculum Leader and staff from the intended subject specialisation.

I just want to study one subject in Year 12, how do I know if I should be studying it under the SACE Visual Arts banner or the SACE Creative Arts banner?

Staff will assist you with this choice. All students need to select is what specialisation do they wish to work under i.e. Art, Design or Photography. In consultation with staff, a decision will be made regarding what course best suits how the student works best as each has a slightly different emphasis on components of the course. For example, if a student said they were interested in Design, as a faculty we would discuss with them their work patterns and strengths and decide if they would work better under Visual Arts-Design or Creative Arts-Design. This is an individual plan for each student.