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Health & Physical Education

Health & Physical Education

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Physical Education a core subject?

Yes! You will engage in Physical Education lessons from Reception until Year 10, but you can also choose to complete an elective Physical Education subject (you heard it right - extra Physical Education!) in Year 10 called Sports Science. Physical Education in Year 11 and 12 is, like all other subjects, elected by the student.

What is the difference between core Physical Education in Year 10, and the Sports Science elective?

All students in Year 10 engage in a double lesson of Physical Education every week. The focus in on students having agency over the sports they wish to refine their skills in, as well as participating in recreational activities such as wheelchair basketball, self-defence and lawn bowls. The Year 10 Sports Science elective allows you to take your knowledge of movement to a deeper level, as you integrate theory and practical elements to explore body systems, exercise physiology, biomechanics, energy systems and training prescription. Time allocation for this elective is four lessons, so if you select Sports Science you will have a total of six Physical Education lessons per week.

Is Physical Education just practical?

Not at all! Outside of skill development (which is still important), we want to give you the opportunity to explore the strategies and tactics behind not only traditional sports, but alternative and recreational activities too. Whilst we aim to get you moving as much as possible each lesson, we also want you to develop the ability to give and receive feedback with your peers to improve your performance. Regular analysis tasks are undertaken in several units, and group collaborative tasks are also a strong element of our program. We aim to give student agency over their learning, which will lead to deeper and more meaningful outcomes.

What will we learn in Health and how does it link to Physical Education?

Health and Physical Education go together under one curriculum banner as Health allows students to evaluate information and take action to enhance their own and other’s health. Physical Education gives the opportunity to put our body into practice and develop those physical capabilities which will keep us healthy and active for the rest of our lives. From Year 7-10 students will investigate health topics such as the benefits of being physically active, nutrition, drugs and alcohol, and sexuality and relationships to name a few. Developing knowledge of our bodies allows us to make more informed decisions and learn what is good for us (also known as health literacy).

Is Stage 1 and Stage 2 Physical Education a whole year subject?

If you elect Physical Education at Stage 2 it is a whole year subject.

Stage 1 Physical Education is broken down into semesters, with the focus areas of each being ‘Coaching and Skill Acquisition’ and ‘Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology’. You can elect to do either semester or both. For further details regarding course content and assessment, please see the curriculum booklet.