A Uniting Church coeducational independent day and boarding school in Adelaide,
South Australia

Early Learning to Year 12

Uniform Guidelines

  • Winter uniform may be worn on any day of the year unless a different uniform is prescribed.
  • Summer uniform may be worn only before the May exeat and after the September exeat.
  • Summer uniform may not be worn between those dates.


When in School uniform girls are permitted to wear one matching pair of plain gold or silver studs or sleepers in the ear lobes only. Multiple studs and large or ornate earrings are not permitted. Studs or sleepers are not to be worn with any sports uniform. No other visible jewellery is permitted.

Body piercings or tattoos must not be seen when wearing any School uniform, including sports uniform. This rule also applies on Casual Clothes Day.

Students are especially reminded that if they wear any kind of pendant it must not become visible through their School or Sports clothing. As far as possible, the School uniform should be worn without ornaments.

Lapel badges should be limited to not more than two, but the School reserves the right to ban the wearing of badges which it considers inappropriate.

Hair and Grooming

Hair for all students must be clean, neat and well groomed at all times. Cuts or styles which, in the opinion of the School, are extreme and attract undue attention, are not acceptable. If in doubt consult the School before making radical changes to hair.

Hair may be coloured or dyed but only on the following two conditions –

  1. The colour must be natural.
  2. The hair must be only one colour. Hair of more than one colour or excessively streaked hair will not be permitted.

For girls, all hair over the shoulders must be tied. Plain ribbons of green, white and the School uniform are the only approved colours.

For boys, hair must not extend below the top of the collar, hang down over the face or be closely shaven. Hair must be neatly tapered. Faces must be clean shaven and sideburns are not to extend below mid-ear.

Casual Days

On days designated ‘Casual Days’, the guidelines for dress are as follows:

  • Students are reminded that the day is a normal School day in every other respect except that they are not required to wear School uniform. However, the mode of dress on these days should be suitable for the working environment with the emphasis on neatness and comfort, not decoration and poor taste.
  • Open footwear such as thongs is not permitted.
  • Girls may not wear visible jewellery or make up or ‘dress up’ for the occasion.
  • Normal hair regulations apply.
  • Boys may not wear visible jewellery and should be simply and plainly dressed as this is not an occasion for eccentricity or “show”.
  • Inappropriate messages or logos on shirts will lead to disciplinary action.