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The Westminster Boarding experience

At Westminster, our boarding facilities offer students a safe and stimulating home away from home in Adelaide's southern suburbs. Our comfortable boys' and girls' boarding quarters provide living and recreational spaces that fosters community and individual growth. Central to our ethos is nurturing strong relationships with boarders and their families, and we are committed to creating a respectful, safe, and supportive environment, embodying excellence.

One of favourite boarding stories, hear firsthand from some of our beloved Broken Hill families, including current student James (now year 10), current boarding parent, Ali Alison, and previous boarding parent, Sarah Parker, about their experience at Westminster School.

Building relationships for boarders to thrive

We have a strong tradition of developing meaningful connections with not only our boarders, but their families and friends too. Such a culture comes from treating students as individuals, dealing with issues as if they involved members of one’s own family, and always keeping a sense of perspective. Each student is a part of our School community and, by extension, so are their families, so we welcome regular contact and communication.

With a dedicated team of experienced, professional and supportive staff, modern facilities, and a welcoming ‘family’ atmosphere, we have steadily grown to become one of South Australia’s largest co-educational boarding schools. We welcome boarders from Years 7 to 12 from a diverse range of backgrounds, and many rural students are a part of our community.

Our boarding program aims to establish a community of happy and successful young people who are achieving more than they thought possible. Guidelines for behaviour and House rules are based on mutual courtesy and respect, as well as the promotion of safety for all students.

Westminster School is proud to be a member of the Australian Boarding Schools Association (ABSA) which serves to support and develop best practice in residential communities across Australia.

International Experiences

In 2023, Westminster Boarders participated in a 14-day educational tour of Vietnam with an itinerary that surpassed sightseeing and offered students a deep dive into the complex and diverse culture of Vietnam.

Featuring a range of outdoor and leisure activities including kayaking in Ha Long Bay and a tour of Vietnam's capital, Hanoi, students undertook a combination of educational and hands-on learning experiences.

Most impactful was the significant service-learning component, in which students assisted in constructing a brick house alongside a local community in the Mekong Delta. This activity, designed in consultation with local authorities, enabled students to develop a nuanced understanding of the development issues in Vietnam.

Vietnam Service and Culture Tour 2023

Boarding Team

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