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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences regarding external assessment in English Literary Studies and General English?

The external assessment comprising 30% of the assessment grade is different between these two English offerings. In English Literary Studies there is a 1500-word comparative essay and a 100-minute critical reading exam. In English General, there is a 2000-word comparative essay.

Are there bonus points in English?

Both English Literary Studies and English General qualify for bonus points for university courses in South Australia, except for some medical courses. Both subjects also satisfy the requirements for interstate universities that mandate the study of Year 12 English as a prerequisite subject. There are no bonus points for English as an Additional Language (EAL) or Essential English.

Is English General more creative the English Literary Studies?

The answer is yes and no. From a raw statistical point of view, 40% of the course in English General is designated to ‘creating texts’ as opposed to 20% in English Literary Studies. However, the ability to be creative in analytical tasks should not be underestimated. It is a skill to think laterally and imaginatively about issues and ideas in shared texts, and thus analytical responses are a great way to show your creativity. It is also important to know that English General involves a lot of analysis, too. Indeed, 60% of the course is analysis and additionally, one of the ‘creating texts’ tasks is analysing the texts you’ve created. The best way to understand the difference between the two subjects is to think of the name for English Literary Studies - it is unapologetically literary in nature. Talk to your teachers and ask their opinion about what’s the best fit for you.

What is the scaling like in English subjects?

Scaling is a tricky mechanism to understand and its best left to the experts to explain. Click on this link to SATAC for further information: https://www.satac.edu.au/pages/scaling.

How much reading is there in English Literary Studies and English General?

In English Literary Studies you’ll read a prose novel, a drama text and poetry texts, as well as study a film. In English General you’ll typically read either a prose or drama text, some poetry texts and a film. The best advice is to read the shared prose and/or drama texts in the holidays before commencing the school year. Clearly, the more you read, the better prepared you will be to analyse the texts.