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International Involvement

International Involvement

Westminster is a school with a truly international outlook. Our students regularly participate in exchanges, tours and community service programs around the world. International students are valued members of our student population. Westminster School also enjoys strong links with our sister schools, Tamagawa Academy in Tokyo, Japan, and Hangzhou Greentown School in Hangzhou, China.

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Round Square

Westminster is the only South Australian School to be a member of Round Square; a worldwide association of schools, currently numbering nearly one hundred members, which share a commitment, beyond academic excellence, to personal development and responsibility through service, challenge, adventure, and international understanding.

What are the principles of Round Square?

As a Round Square school, Westminster School embraces a series of six pillars, which are summed up in the acronym, IDEALS. They are:


Students are taught to appreciate, value and respect all cultures, religions and languages. Students learn to see themselves as global citizens, and are asked to look beyond gender, class, race, nationality and culture to understand human nature.


Teaching students both the values of democracy and the importance of active participation in democracy is essential to Westminster School. Freedom of thought and speech is greatly encouraged and appropriate forums and channels of communication are in place. Students are also taught to appreciate the importance of self-discipline and are trained and expected to share in the running of the school.


Students are taught the importance of tending to the future of the planet. Our students are expected to demonstrate an active interest and concern for all natural environments, to be aware of proven problems and to play a practical role in tackling environmental issues. Students are taught the fine balance and the interdependence needed to maintain a healthy relationship between human beings and the planet. All emphasise each young person's destiny to be a guardian of human society and the global environment.


Building the body and soul through adventure, meeting the physical challenge and developing an appreciation of the outdoors: these are all central to Round Square schools. Most students at Westminster School participate in the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Scheme which fosters a spirit of adventure and the realization that students can be so much more than they might have imagined. The School has extensive Outdoor Education and camps programs, including the Year 10 Westventure experience which further promotes this ideal.


Students are taught that authentic leadership is found in those whose convictions are rooted in personal responsibility, kindness and justice. A high level of responsibility is passed on to students individually and collectively. Round Square committees in schools are chaired by students, and various leadership positions of consequence are shared by the students. The International and Regional Round Square Conferences are an ideal forum for students to demonstrate leadership skills, both in the planning process and public administration. Leadership is promoted in both the Preparatory and Senior Schools at Westminster School through School leadership positions, as well as in the Round Square Board of Directors and co-curricular activities.


A key method used by Round Square to prepare students for life is by the expectation of serving others. Each student is encouraged to perform a substantial number of service hours, either in school-sponsored, local, regional or international projects. Round Square International Service (RSIS) Projects have been in existence since the early eighties, occurring in developing countries, where both staff and students from Round Square schools work together in constructing buildings and water systems.

There’s more in you than you think.



Exchanges are part of the Internationalism IDEAL of Round Square. These exchanges occur at two levels, international and regional.

Regional exchanges usually occur in Year 8 and are two week reciprocal exchanges with other Round Square schools in the Australasian and East Asia region.

International exchanges usually occur in Year 10, however can be conducted towards the end of Year 9 if appropriate. Exchanges vary in length from four weeks to a full term depending on the individual circumstances. The exchanges are negotiated between Westminster School and the selected host school and are reciprocal, so no tuition fees are exchanged and the students travel on a tourist visa. Our exchange students’ families arrange their travel.

The arrangement of exchanges can be done at any time, although it is advisable to look at a 12-month preparation time.