A Uniting Church coeducational independent day and boarding school on Kaurna Country, Adelaide, South Australia

Early Learning to Year 12

Visual and Creative Arts

Visual and Creative Arts

Our Visual and Creative Arts programs are offered as both curricular (Reception to Year 12) and co-curricular options (Years 7 to 12). The Preparatory program also offers Extension Art as part of the Student Diversity Program, with students selected from Years 2 to 7.

These avenues offer students a chance to develop their critical and creative thinking skills, while working through the Visual and Creative Arts process. The curricular programs are designed so students work through a variety of media, skills, and themes to challenge themselves in the development of their own innovative pieces.

Through the School’s Artist in Residence program, students gain an appreciation of the role Visual and Creative Arts play in the wider community, while working with practicing artists. By observing, analysing, and creating their own work within the specialised areas of Art, Design (Graphics and Architecture), and Photography, students develop an awareness of culture and their own creative identity.

Identified for their gifted ability in the Visual Arts, the Preparatory Extension program consists of a small group of students selected from Years 2 to 7. These students undertake individual works aimed at developing their skills to the maximum and well beyond their chronological age. Students are provided with opportunities to exhibit on a formal stage and complete works for community groups/areas.

During co-curricular programs, students are encouraged to further pursue their own creative avenues and projects relevant to their creative interests under the guidance of specialised staff.

These programs also give students a better understanding of how the Visual and Creative Arts contribute positively to an individual’s personal development and wellbeing.

Students have the option of joining one or more of the following groups as part of their co-curricular activities:

  • Visual Arts Club (Years 8 to 12)
  • Visual Arts Club (Year 7)
  • Photography Club (Years 8 to 12)

Other curricular and co-curricular activities include:

  • Regular student exhibitions
  • Major end of year exhibition
  • Year 12 Visual and Creative Arts Camp
  • Cultural Art Tours: Years 7 and 8, and Years 9 to 12


The Visual Arts Centre is an open planned learning facility and includes the following separate studio areas:

  • Studio for drawing, painting, and exhibition
  • Printmaking area
  • Ceramics area
  • Suite of computers
  • Photographic Lighting Studios – black and white studio spaces
  • General purpose area

All our teachers have a passion for the Arts, and are practising artists who have individual expertise in areas such as sculpture, painting, printmaking, and photography, and their dedication flows over into the classroom.