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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you study Stage 2 Music in Year 11?

Yes, but only on the advice of Music staff and only if the subjects align in the overall timetable.

Can you study Music offline?

We would prefer everything to be online but in some cases, we can accommodate Music offline. Again, this would need to be discussed with the Music staff.

What Music subjects are available at Stage 1 and Stage 2?

Year 11 (Stage 1) is a general course that covers a range of topics which prepare students for Stage 2. At Stage 2 there are four subjects: Music Studies (20 credits) Music Explorations (20 credits) Music Performance: Solo (10 credits) and Music Performance: Ensemble (10 credits).

What Music subjects should I study in Year 12?

It’s always best to choose the subjects you enjoy and are good at. However, a conversation with the Music staff will help in choosing the best options for students.

How do I find out what’s involved in the subject?

There are several ways you can find out about Music subjects - speak to Music staff, read the Curriculum Information Booklet for an overview of the subjects or the Music Subject Information Booklet also has information on each subject, as well as information on assessments.

Should I complete Music as a subject if I don’t want a career in Music?

Yes. Music teaches you all sorts of skills that are transferrable to other aspects of life and vocations. Many graduates have studied medicine, marketing, accounting, law and a range of other subjects at university. Students should study subjects they enjoy to help them achieve a balance and to help them achieve their best.