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Food Technology

Food Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an exam in Food and Hospitality?

There is no exam in this subject but like all Stage 2 subjects it does have an externally marked assessment item. It is an Investigation of 2,000 words of an issue related to the Food and Hospitality Industry, eg. Dark Kitchens, Smoking in Restaurants, underpayment in the Hospitality Industry, Waste in the Food and Hospitality Industry.

Do I have to be a good cook?

You do not need to be a good cook; each student is marked on their ability to plan and organise solutions to problems posed. The whole process of planning and preparation and evaluation is part of the assessment process. Doing the recipe you have chosen well is the key feature and selecting a suitable standard recipe for your skills is the key.

What if I have not done any food subject in previous years?

There are no pre-requisites but obviously any experience would be a slight advantage. This subject is about decision making and good personal organisation and an enjoyment of learning about and working with food. The food made at this level is more sophisticated than home cooking and is presented to a standard more related to food and hospitality establishments such as cafes, hotels and restaurants.

How much of the course is practical work?

There are six assignments and each one has a food preparation component and that involves some practical work on recipes that could be suitable for the task and then trials of the recipes selected.

Do I get to eat what I make?

Yes, you do get to taste and eat your own work. That is except for the 2 catering events where you serve food to guests.

Where does this subject lead?

This subject leads to careers or part-time employment in the food and hospitality industry or just the ability to feed yourself and your family healthy and sustainable meals. But it also provides skills in analysis, evaluation, planning and following sequenced instructions that area transferrable to many subject areas in future study.

The following cakes were demonstrated by a Regency TAFE lecturer who visited our class. Inspiring students for their celebration cake assignment.

Our Year 12 Food Technology students create incredibly culinary delights during their time at Westminster. The below presentation will give you an idea of what they are capable of.