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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I study Drama from Year 8 to 12 continuously?

Yes. Drama can be studied continuously in all years from Year 8 to 12.

How will this help me in Year 12?

A full year of Drama in Years 8 and 9 is an excellent foundation to build on for Year 12, even though it seems a long way in the future. As long as you also complete a full year of Drama in Year 10 and at least one semester of Drama in Year 11 (preferably the whole year), too, you should be fine in Year 12.

When the production involves weekend rehearsals and rehearsal retreats, is it compulsory for me to attend?

Yes, it is absolutely compulsory that all Drama students attend. We rehearse our productions in less than half the time that other schools do, so these out of hours rehearsals are crucial to ensuring the production comes together with the speed that it does.

Is there a lot of written work in Drama?

No more than any other subject, but we do include written work as like with all subjects, it is important for Drama students to understand the history and theory of theatre.

How is studying Drama different at Westminster compared to other schools?

Drama at Westminster starts developing understanding and performance skills using four internationally recognised theories from Year 8 onwards. We also rehearse productions in half the time that other schools do, which is an intense, real-world learning process.