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From the Principal - Edition 15 - 2023

You won’t find a school on this planet that puts as much time and effort into fostering a positive community as this one.

As the term ends and attention is turned to the holiday break, the Year 12s are doubling down for the final leg of their secondary education. Rather than me tell the story of our how our Year 12s have done us proud, I have turned this eNews over to our School Captain Gracie Martin to share what this year has been like and looking ahead, what it might hold in store.

As Term 3 comes to an end, we Year 12 students are starting to realise that it is time to transition into the real world. The past term and the whole year of 2023 have been filled with exciting experiences, fun moments and valuable rewards. As we near the end of our time at Westminster, we are working diligently to complete our final tests and assignments. Submitting a final assignment for a subject is a surreal feeling. It brings a sense of relief knowing that the hard work put into the year has paid off. We can now start looking forward to the end-of-year celebrations that Term 4 will bring. As academically focused we have been as a cohort, the leadership team’s goal this year was always to be remembered as being kind, inclusive and relatable role models who have created genuine connections with the wider School community. Throughout the year, we may have valued academic validation greatly. However, we all recognise that true success is reflected in our enjoyment, the impact we have on our community, and the legacy we leave behind. All of us have grown significantly this year, and I can confidently say that all my peers are prepared to excel in their chosen areas. I am so proud of us all for remaining true to our own values this year and supporting each other through the difficulties that have arisen.

My next step is to venture into the real world and become an established scholar, having completed my studies at this incredible school. I am incredibly grateful to Westminster for the opportunities it has provided me for the last four years, allowing me to grow both personally and academically, as well as emotionally. All of the teachers at our School continue to go above and beyond our expectations as they empower us to live up to our full potential. You won’t find a school on this planet that puts as much time and effort into fostering a positive community as this one. I am beyond grateful for everyone who has assisted me to the point I am now, where I am content with academic and leadership accomplishments. Becoming an Old Scholar next year, means that I have the opportunity to give back to the School that has given me so much. I plan to help out as much as I can with study assistance, sporting matches, and remaining in contact with all of the students across all year levels, who have changed my life for the better. Being a Westminster scholar is a great privilege that I will always cherish. Knowing that I have a community of people who will support me in whatever endeavours I pursue is truly invaluable- thank you Westminster!

School Captain Gracie Martin

Gracie Martin
School Captain 2023 Gracie Martin

Simon Shepherd