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Early Learning to Year 12

From the Chaplain - Edition 9 - 2021

There’s a parable of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark, Chapter 4, Verses 26-29, about the seed which grows in secret. The farmer scatters, “and would sleep and rise, and the seed would grow, he does not know how”. It’s a subversive little story, which is often overshadowed by the bolder, well-known parable of the Sower and the return on his seed depending on where it falls along the path, among the weeds, picked off by the birds.

The lesser-known parable of the Growing Seed is one of surprise. I consider its reminder to be that the life of faith does not exist in scaling the mountain, discovering nirvana and remaining there “‘til Kingdom come”. Faith is trusting, hoping amidst the everyday. It is looking out. Faith’s ‘rewards’ come in glimpses, sightings. Moments. A sudden joy. A delight. An “I didn’t expect that!”.

Like the farmer in Jesus’ tale, we wake from sleep and “Look”! A new day is given.

Rev Phil Hoffmann