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Early Learning to Year 12

From the Chaplain - Edition 12 - 2019

One of the more helpful images or metaphors to describe faith is the word ‘journey’. Faith is not a moment or an arrival at a destination. Faith is exploration and embrace of the mystery, the inexplicable divine, a reaching for best hopes, in us and in the world. That can never be an end point, a conclusion.

This perspective informs my leadership in the area of spirituality in the Westminster community. I remain aware that school is a stage on the journey of life for students, and as it unfolds there will challenges and changes. For some, there will be times when faith will burn like a flame, alive and leaping. At other stages of the journey it will simmer with question and doubt. Faith will at one time grip in confidence, then at another be a hopeful reaching. It is always faith.

In this, what we as parents encourage and model for our children will be significantly determinate of the journey. For each of us the important thing is to travel the path, to give space to deeper considerations. Like the grace of a gentle breeze or a welcome shower of rain, faith often finds us.

Rev Phil Hoffmann