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From the Chaplain - Edition 10 - 2020

As you look around the Westminster grounds at the moment, it is exciting to see new buildings coming to completion. We are fortunate to have the purpose-built, state-of-the-art Inquiry and Innovation Hub and Sports Pavilion soon to be made available for learning and activity. Such new developments make "building" a continuing feature of Westminster life.

But from my privileged position, I see another building going on, hidden from view: the building of character. Throughout this unique year of 2020, Westminster has not been able to escape the effects of the unprecedented pandemic that sweeps our world. Students have been isolated, some of them having to work remotely for the whole of Term 2. Classes have been disrupted, teachers have been thrust into new teaching methods, and we have been called upon to look out for one another at deeper levels than before. The response that I have seen to these challenges, from students and staff alike, and particularly amongst our Senior students, has been tough, resilient, adaptive and positive. In admiration, I have watched the building of character.

In the midst of the Second World War, German forces launched ‘the London blitz’, a sustained and unrelenting bombing of the civilian capital. The intent of the strategy was, ‘to break the human spirit’. It failed. We saw the very best of British resolve and capacity.

Then and now, character triumphs in adversity. All that we build together is deserving of recognition and celebration.

Rev Phil Hoffmann