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Where tomorrow's leaders learn

Catering for Years 7 to 12, our Senior School is focused on preparing our students to be leaders, both now and through all phases of their life to come. This starts early on with our younger students in Years 7 and 8 sharing facilities with more senior students and learning through the role modelling they see at assemblies, House meetings, and various other activities throughout the year.

Our range of engaging co-curricular activities includes many different sports, performing arts, philosophical interests such as discussion and debating, as well as highly valued community service. Information technology underpins all learning at Westminster, with each student being responsible for a laptop/tablet or other personal learning device.

Academic Curriculum

Classes in the Senior School provide a comprehensive curriculum covering all major subject lines, including:

Agricultural Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Scientific Studies
General, Essential, Methods, Specialist
English, English as an Additional Language, English Literacy Studies, Essential English
Accounting, Business and Entrepreneurship, Economics, Legal Studies
Creative Arts
Creative Arts - Art, Creative Arts - Design, Creative Arts - Photography, Visual Arts - Art, Visual Arts - Design
Digital and Design Technologies
Digital Technologies, Digital Communication Solutions, Material Solutions - Fashion, Material Solutions, Food Technology, Engineering - Industry and Entrepreneurial Solutions, Formula One in School, Design - Visual Communication
Performing Arts
Dance, Drama, Music
Humanities and Social Science
Geography, History
Outdoor Education
Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Hiking, Surfing, Camping and more
Health and Physical Education (PE)
Various indoor and outdoor health and wellbeing exercises
Religious and Values Education (RAVE)
Exploration of a variety of themes including Religion, ethics and values
South Australian Certificate of Education
Vocational and Educational Training

South Australian Certificate of Education

In Years 11 and 12 we support and guide our students as they finalise their subject selection to complete Stages 1 and 2 of the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE). This internationally respected senior secondary education qualification equips students with the knowledge, skills, and capabilities they need to progress to further learning and work as confident and responsible global citizens.

The SACE is a two-year qualification, typically studied in the final two years of schooling. It offers subjects and courses at two levels: Stage 1, which is usually the second-to-last year of secondary schooling, and Stage 2, which is usually the last year of secondary schooling. Students must achieve a minimum of 200 credits and a year-long study of a subject is typically awarded 20 credits. Students gain credits by studying the SACE Board's subjects and/or by studying courses accredited by other educational institutions which the Board recognises.

We offer over 40 subjects in Year 12 in an extensive and flexible range to suit all students: the academically focused, those who are future entrepreneurs and business leaders, those who wish to follow a vocational path, students who excel in sport and outdoor pursuits, and those with a passion for the arts. 

As our senior leadership cohort, Year 12 students have their own common room facility. From this base, they move to specialised subject classes as per their individually tailored timetables. Under the specialised supervision of our Head of Senior Students and Heads of House, Year 12 students are continually encouraged to maintain a balanced approach to life through their final school year.

Vocational and Educational Training

Our links to nationally accredited Vocational and Educational Training (VET) programs and providers are an effective and practical way for students to gain a head start in their chosen career. Our curriculum offers a range of VET pathways to employment or further study, including outdoor education, business administration, retail, food, hospitality and tourism, agriculture, electrical, electronics and fitness. 

Completed courses and modules are recognised by industry and contribute towards the SACE. Students can also gain dual SACE and VET qualifications to better prepare themselves for future choices in a range of vocations.


The wellbeing of our students is paramount as we prepare them for life beyond school. Senior School staff, including Head of Wellbeing, Heads of House and Class Tutors, and our career counselling service and centre are all able to provide guidance with individual learning pathway choices. Students are encouraged to develop the all-round skills needed to make their own decisions, set their own goals and lead responsibly by example. 

We nurture positive self-esteem, confidence, leadership skills, integrity, character and resilience in our Senior School students, allowing them to feel safe and valued when undertaking risks and challenges in their learning environment. Individually or collectively, the student voice is respected and encouraged through School Leaders, the Student Representative Council (SRC) and peer to peer support network.


Our students are encouraged to develop leadership qualities in all areas of their life. We encourage independence in preparation for their schooling and their future. Opportunities for leadership in the Senior School include Sport, Performing Arts, Tours, School Leadership positions in Year 12, Outdoor Education, and through the House System. Additionally, all Year 12 students are generally considered leaders of the Senior School student group on campus. 

In the Year 12 cohort there are between 30 and 40 students who are formally appointed to Leadership positions, primarily by a vote from Senior School students and teachers. These include School and House leadership, sporting teams, drama, music, dance, musicals, plays, agriculture, international experiences, tours, excursions, pastoral care and community service – locally and globally. Part of a Year 12 student’s opportunity for a well-rounded year also involves balancing their studies with taking responsibility for others and participation in sport and the arts through peer mentoring.

We are a member of Round Square, a group of international schools that encourage students to take part in a range of community service activities, locally and internationally.


Discover our dedicated, on-site Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) program, for Preparatory School families before and after School each day