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Building a sense of adventure

At Westminster, our Signature Programs provide an extensive breadth of opportunities for each student to discover and explore their varied interests and passions. On their journey to self discovery, our varied and diverse signature offerings explore a spectrum of scope from artistic expression, movement and sound, through to physical and academic endeavours designed to challenge the mind, body and spirit. At the centre of all our programs is the capacity for students to build grit, resilience, determination, to grapple with problem-solving and safe risk taking, and ultimately, inspire a sense of adventure for life. 

Outdoor Education

Every year, hundreds of our students from Years 7 to 12 take part in our Outdoor Education Program, learning leadership, resilience, teamwork and self-discovery.


Set over 4.5 hectares, Sturt Grove Farm has been an integral feature of Westminster life and the campus since 1972.


We are passionate about sport at Westminster and offer many exciting avenues for students to explore their potential.


Dance is a universal means of artistic expression, and our Dance Program provides an opportunity for all students to explore it.


Life is a great adventure, and Drama is a subject that truly reflects that. Our Drama Program offers an outlet for students to follow their innate sense of exploration beyond the known and familiar.


Music plays a central role in our world – both as a way to express oneself but also to understand others. As such, we are passionate about the relevance of music education and excited to share it with our students.

Art, Design & Digital Technologies

Offering more than 60 subject selections from Years 8 through 12, students are encouraged to develop agency and establish their unique artistic intents.