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Developing skills on and off the sporting fields

We are passionate about sport at Westminster and offer many exciting avenues for students to explore their potential. As in any aspect of School life, individuals may demonstrate a range of capabilities, so we provide programs for high-performing athletes, those that aspire to play at an elite level and those whose focus is more on general fitness and enjoyment. Irrespective of the stream they are in, students will be provided with many options to develop their physical skills, mental resilience, and social awareness in a positive environment.

Program Streams

Our Sports program features three distinct arms, which allows us to be clear on expectations while catering for a range of levels and abilities. 

The first stream, Development, is the largest in terms of participation and options available. Here, the focus is on participating for fun, School Spirit, and the opportunity to be part of a team and to play with friends.

The second stream, Performance, encompasses students who are not yet in elite programs but demonstrate the ability and aspirations to reach that level. At this level, we provide students with the tools, support, and opportunity to elevate their sport performance. 

The third stream, High Performance, focuses on extending capable students through more challenging training and competition experiences, linking them to performance pathways out of school. Starting from Year 7 this usually encompasses students who are already part of an elite program (State team, SASI etc.).

We encourage all students to be part of our Sports program, balancing it with their commitments to academics, performing arts, and other activities. We do our very best to recruit a combination of teaching staff and outside specialists with experience and skill, providing quality coaching across all grades.

I am extremely proud of Westminster’s Co-Curricular program and how it works hand in hand with our comprehensive academic curriculum and Wellbeing programs. We want our students to be the best that they can be, both in and out of the classroom. Our range of programs is extensive and cater for both the very able and those just starting out. Every day at Westminster, you can see how our Development, Performance and High Performance programs, staff and students make the most of our wide-open spaces, beautiful grounds and outstanding resources to achieve personal and team goals. We encourage our students to participate in sport to the best of their ability. Through our commitment, we see individual lifelong skills and attributes develop to benefit each student’s wellbeing.

Principal, Simon Shepherd

Art, Design & Digital Technologies

The Art, Design and Digital Technologies curriculum area offers over 60 subject options from Years 8 through 12.