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A commitment to excellence in education

Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher (HALT) accreditation is a voluntary accreditation process for teachers in Australia, which recognises and rewards high-level teaching expertise, commitment to excellence in teaching, and leadership capabilities. HALT accreditation allows exceptional teachers to progress professionally and gain valuable recognition for their skills, while allowing them to continue teaching, rather than following a more traditional career progression, which would take them out of the classroom. 

HALT certification is a reflective process that encourages teachers to critically evaluate their methods and seek continual improvement through professional development. The impact of a HALT-certified teacher is measurable, with accreditation requiring evidence of enhanced student learning outcomes. Moreover, it emphasizes leadership within the educational community, expecting certified teachers to contribute positively to their peers' growth and instructional strategies. 

While HALT accreditation is currently held by a small percentage of teachers nationwide (0.6%), Westminster School is leading the charge with a significantly higher proportion of HALT-certified educators, which is continually growing. This trend reflects a growing recognition of the value that HALT teachers bring to the educational landscape. 

HALT certification at Westminster School

At Westminster, our School is a place for staff to learn and grow. HALT certification represents a commitment to excellence in teaching and an ongoing journey of professional development. It signifies that our educators are not just disseminating knowledge, but are actively engaging in the process of learning and self-improvement. HALT certification is a testament to our teachers' dedication to critically evaluating their impact on both students and peers, ensuring that they contribute positively to the learning environment. It also underscores our belief in the power of education to transform lives, with our teachers leading by example as they pursue their passions and dreams within our supportive and dynamic school community. In essence, HALT certification at Westminster School is more than a credential; it's a reflection of our ethos of continuous growth and leadership in innovative educational practices. 

At Westminster, we're proud to host one of the largest number of HALT teachers in South Australia with an unwavering commitment to excellence in education.

Meet our HALT Educators

Preparatory School Deputy Principal, Ali Barr

Ali Barr

Preparatory School Deputy Principal

Curriculum Leader: English and Literacy, Angela Cash

Angela Cash

Curriculum Leader: English and Literacy

Director of Teaching: Pedagogy and Digital Delivery, Angela Phillips

Angela Phillips

Director of Teaching: Pedagogy and Digital Delivery

Anna Partridge

Head of Wellbeing

Belinda Daniel

Preparatory School Teacher

Jacinta Wild

Preparatory School Teacher

Kaela Penley

Preparatory School Teacher

Kate Inglis

Deputy Head of Senior School

Kate Johns

Senior School Teacher

Rachel Abercrombie

Senior School Teacher

Sara Mori

Preparatory School Teacher

Early Learning Centre

Our Early Learning Centre (ELC) is the first step in an exciting educational journey for your child.