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Governing Principles

Westminster is governed by a School Council, whose members are appointed by the SYNOD of the Uniting Church. The Council membership comprises the Principal, a representative of the Moderator of SYNOD and up to ten ordinary members, at least one of whom is a member of the Uniting Church.

The governance and control of the School is vested in the School Council who then delegate the management and day-to-day running of the School to the Principal and his staff. In conjunction with the Principal, the School Council sets the strategic direction for the School, determines the mission and purposes of the School, monitors the School’s performance in line with the School’s objectives and ensures compliance with a number of key regulatory and legislative requirements.

School Leadership

Supporting the Principal in managing the day-to-day operations of the School are a number of senior leaders and managers who together form the School Leadership and Management Groups.

Under delegated authority by the Principal, members of these groups assume management for their respective portfolios.

Simon Shepherd


Andrew Whiteman

Head of Senior School & Deputy Principal

Simon McKenzie

Head of Preparatory School

Andrea Sherwood

Director of Learning

Angela Phillips

Director of Teaching: Pedagogy & Digital Delivery

Stephen Schwerdt

Head of Activities

Neal Matotek

Director of Business Operations

Marnie Saunders

Head of Human Resources

Westminster School Council

In addition to the oversight and management of critical functions of the School, the School Council also provides leadership in areas associated with the School’s Master Plan, Building Program and Risk Management and meets a minimum of eight times each year.

The members of School Council are professionals within their chosen fields, with individuals appointed with specific expertise and skills. Some Council members have had a long association with the School either as Old Scholars, current parents and/or grandparents.

The School Council considers annually the skills and capabilities required to govern the School, also taking into account gender, demographic and independence issues. Current members comprise professionals with expertise in governance, business, education, finance, law, infrastructure, media and technology. Council members generously volunteer their time, knowledge and expertise to uphold the Mission of the School.

The Director of Corporate Services is the appointed Public Officer for School Council.

There are five advisory committees that assist the work of the Council. These include Education & Wellbeing, Finance & Building, Engagement & Enrolment, Scholarships & Remissions and Governance. 

In addition to the School Council, the other major governing or management bodies include the Westminster School Foundation, and the School Leadership Team (SLT).

Council Members

Craig Need ('86), Council Chair
Cheryl Wilson
Crawford Giles ('86)
Jo Liptak
Julie Clark
Kym Darcy
Sheenagh Edwards
Steve Sanders

Craig Need ('86), Council Chair

A passionate Old Scholar (’86) and current parent of Westminster School, Craig Need was appointed to the Westminster School Council in February 2013before ascending to Council Chair in December 2022.

Craig Need is a fellow Managing Director and Chartered Accountant of Rawson Verco Need. With extensive Board and Advisory Board experience, Craig has also held a number of senior positions in the not-for-profit sector including Secondary and Tertiary Education. 

Cheryl Wilson

A former parent of Westminster School, Cheryl Wilson was appointed to the Westminster School Council in February 2018.

Previously a rural General Practitioner and Clinical Educator, Cheryl Wilson is now a Uniting Church Minister in a local congregation and sits on the Westminster School Council as the Representative of the Moderator of the Uniting Church South Australia Synod. 

Crawford Giles ('86)

A former parent and Old Scholar of Westminster School, Crawford Giles was appointed to the Westminster School Council in January 2010.

Commencing his career as a Chartered Accountant at Ernst & Young then FH Faulding & Co Limited, Crawford Giles has undertaken entrepreneurial pursuits in retail, wholesale distribution, product development, retirement villages and property development. 

Jo Liptak

A current parent of Westminster School, Jo Liptak was appointed to the Westminster School Council in June 2019. 

An accomplished lawyer, Jo Liptak has more than 10 years’ experience in the criminal justice jurisdiction. Jo has worked in both defence and prosecution, including with the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, specialising in vulnerable witness prosecution work. Jo is a current board member of the Australia and New Zealand Association of Psychiatry, Psychology and Law (SA). 

Julie Clark

A former parent of Westminster School, Dr Julie Clark was appointed to the Westminster School Council in February 2023.

With an extensive career in Education, Dr Julie Clark began teaching Mathematics and Science in 1982. Having taught in both Australia and the USA, she completed her PhD in Mathematics Education at the University of Colorado in 2004. Dr Julie Clark has invested 25 years in Teacher Education, and currently teaches and researches Teacher Education as an Associate Professor at Flinders University. 

Kym Darcy

A former parent of Westminster School, Kym Darcy was appointed to the Westminster School Council in January 2009.

With a wealth of experience in the Finance sector, Kym Darcy is a former Senior Executive with ANZ Bank where he led an extensive portfolio of  teams across several states in Corporate, Commercial, and Agribusiness Finance. In addition, Kym’s career has comprised roles across strategic Business Development, Marketing and Research across Australia. Kym Darcy has served on School Councils for Brighton Primary School in South Australia and Vermont College in Victoria, among various community roles within local sporting organisations. 

Sheenagh Edwards

A former parent of Westminster School, Sheenagh Edwards was appointed to the Westminster School Council in February 2023. 

Sheenagh Edwards is an Audit Partner with KPMG following an extensive professional background in Chartered Accountancy of more than 20 years. Sheenagh possesses Board and Committee experience and is currently a Board member and Chair of the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee for RSPCA South Australia. 

Steve Sanders

A former parent of Westminster School, Steve Sanders was appointed to the Westminster School Council in May 2021.

Steve Sanders is passionate about regenerative farming, and farms a range of crops including wheat, barley and legumes extending to Ballyvaughan Murray Grey Cattle Stud. The governing Council member for Boarding at Westminster School, Steve also operates a range of retail businesses in the Clare Valley including a Fodder & Pet store and a Trade Hardware store. 

Our Community

Our spacious campus is the beating heart of our community; a place to come together, where values are fostered, shared and lived.