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Your support matters

Westminster was founded on philanthropy. Giving sits at the heart of the School’s culture and you continue this legacy with every donation you make. It is the community of Old Scholars, families, staff and students that supports the projects that define our future. 

Every gift is valued and each one is put to work. From new and improved learning facilities to student awards and scholarships, when you give to Westminster School, you’re taking our standard of educational excellence to the next level. 

If we are to continue to radically change our infrastructure, transform our campus, and provide scholarship opportunities, we need philanthropy. Every gift makes a difference.

Together, we can turn your generosity into tangible initiatives that shape the experience of our current students, and all those to come too.

The Westminster School Foundation is committed to creating an environment where incredible education happens, and that is possible only through the support of our community. We are grateful to our many donors for their generosity and the ongoing impact they have.

Building an exceptional community together

Your generosity is what make our vision tangible.