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Adventure in learning takes place anytime students are challenged.

Thank you to all the students and staff who participated in the making of this video, including the voice-over recordings by current students, Charlie Hawtin and Ebony Smith.

Welcome to Westminster’s Strategic Plan 2024 - 2028 that shapes the direction of the School from Early Learning to Year 12 for the next five years. The plan cultivates the sense of adventure within every child that we believe is the best learning capability they have.

Adventure in learning takes place anytime students are challenged. It can be spirited or subtle in nature. It comes in many forms from simply playing to identifying risks and taking them safely. It could be in the classroom; in Boarding; on stage, courts and playing fields; in fun or competition; anywhere within our expansive campus, places nearby or a world away.

As you view our strategic plan videos below, we invite you to engage in this new venture, identifying ways to influence positive outcomes for yourself and your family as well as our wider Westminster network. Together, as a vibrant community, we have the power to create endless opportunities for each student to grow and shine through an adventurous education.


Hear about the importance of our strategic plan and the outcomes it sets out to achieve.

Pillar 01: Culture and Community

A hub for belonging.

Pillar 02: Student-Centred Learning

Educating the whole person, building capability and purpose.

Pillar 03: Sustainability and Growth

Protecting our legacy.

Pillar 04: A Place for Staff to Learn and Grow

Attracting and retaining the best.

Pillar 05: A Journey Beyond School

A life of contribution.

View or download the Westminster School Strategic Plan below

Westminster School Capability Compass

Learn more about our unique educational framework that envisions a broad spectrum of competencies essential for students to thrive, placing a strong emphasis on personal agency.

Why Westminster

Westminster is an Early Learning to Year 12, coeducational day and boarding school with a proud history and an exciting future.