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A dynamic and balanced foundational education

Our Preparatory School provides a holistic approach to education. Students learn teamwork, social awareness and respect for others alongside their curricular studies, developing an understanding of appropriate behaviours, good manners and self-discipline. Our teaching staff is made up of a balance of male and female teachers, with a dedicated teacher for each class in each year level. Students from Reception to Year 6 have lessons with specialist teachers for Music, Art, Religious and Values Education (RAVE), Language, Sport, and Information Technology, as well as a weekly lesson with our Teacher Librarian in the Haslam Library.

A dynamic House system and the Student Representative Council (SRC) promote positive relationships across all primary years, while building student appreciation of the value of service and rights of others. The Preparatory School also has its own learning and sporting facilities to complement those available to the whole School. We believe that being active is a key feature of the Preparatory School years, promoting wellbeing and strengthening concentration to maximise learning outcomes. In addition to set class time for Physical Education (PE) and a comprehensive co-curricular program, daily fitness and exercise is incorporated for all years.

Junior Primary

Junior Primary

From Reception, we focus on literacy and numeracy at every level, every day and balance core subjects and skill development in reading, comprehension, spelling, writing, Information Technology (IT), Science and Mathematics. Specialist classes are offered for Music, PE, Art, Religion and Values, and Chinese. This comprehensive approach provides our youngest students with the best possible foundation as they begin their primary schooling.

At Westminster, we believe in working with our families to provide students with a smooth transition into school when they are ready to do so. We are one of only a handful of South Australian schools that remain committed to offering mid-year Reception intake to suit all birth dates.


Throughout Years 3 to 6 we continue to intentionally build on the foundations of learning. Class teachers work closely with specialists for subjects including Music, Art, PE, IT, Languages and RAVE, while others provide support and extended learning for individual students, across all subject areas. Technology underpins activities in all years.

Both our Preparatory and Senior Schools are located on one spacious campus, allowing students to share outstanding teaching resources, performance venues and sporting facilities. Classes move to other key learning areas, such as the Haslam Library, Michael Murray Centre for Performing Arts, Sports and Swimming Centre and IT rooms, as required to suit the curriculum.

In the upper Primary years, there is a strengthened focus on leadership, community, independence and taking responsible risks. Specialist subject teachers work to build the creative and critical thinking process as learning becomes more specialised in preparation for Senior School. Our older primary-aged students also support our younger individuals through our House system and buddy programs. Students continue to have ready access to the staff and facilities that contribute to our extensive curriculum, structured to provide a diverse learning experience. To meet the technological requirements of a constantly evolving world, Year 5 and 6 students are included in our School’s personal laptop program.

Sport and other co-curriculars subjects are held on our School campus before school and after hours. The program includes service and performing arts, as well as activities that have an academic or philosophical focus, providing a wide range of opportunities to enrich each student’s experience.


Our students are encouraged to develop independence and leadership qualities in all areas of their life. There are many opportunities for this at the Preparatory School, including Sport, Performing Arts, Tours, School Leadership positions in Year 6, Outdoor Education, and the House System.

In the Preparatory School, 20 of our Year 6 students are formally appointed to leadership positions via a student and teacher vote. These roles focus on School, community, and pastoral leadership. Additionally, all Year 6 students are expected to act as leaders of their student group. As such, all Year 6 students undertake 30 minutes per week of training in leadership, which encompasses aspects of self-awareness, as well as formal sessions unpacking leadership in general.

Senior School

Catering for Years 7 to 12, our Senior School is focused on preparing our students to be leaders, both now and through all phases of their life to come.