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The Westminster School Capability Compass is more than a guide; it’s a vision for the educational outcomes we strive to achieve, ensuring the individual and collective well-being of our students. It encourages students to chart their own course through life’s uncertainties and find their direction in a meaningful and responsible way, instead of simply receiving fixed instructions or directions from their teachers.

This educational framework envisions a broad spectrum of competencies essential for students to thrive, placing a strong emphasis on personal agency. It’s a call to adventure in learning, empowering students to use the Compass to navigate purposefully and responsibly, shaping their world positively.

In today’s dynamic VUCA world – characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity – students must be equipped with skills and attributes to steer their own futures. Our Capability Compass depicts a comprehensive set of abilities, skills, attitudes, ethos, and knowledge vital for modern life’s challenges. We believe they are teachable and learnable qualities that prepare our students for their futures.