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Preparing students for an ever-evolving future

Westminster is an Early Learning to Year 12, coeducational day and boarding, Uniting Church school with a proud history and an exciting future. We are committed to helping all students and staff achieve more than they thought possible through an adventurous education, which takes place anytime our students are challenged in their learning and when staff explore new opportunities to improve their profession. 

Since opening in 1961, Westminster’s vibrant sense of community has shaped our welcoming, down-to-earth character, enriched by School values of being brave, humble, kind, authentic, resilient and curious. In an ever-evolving educational environment, students across all year levels enjoy access to beautiful grounds, outstanding facilities and resources.

Now with nearly 1500 students across all years of learning, our campus, inside and outside, comes alive with the buzz of learning and community. We are privileged to enjoy the support of our staff, parents, Old Scholars, and friends of the School who contribute in many wonderful ways to our welcoming, down-to-earth character, resulting in a vibrant sense of community which remains as a great strength of the School and can experienced every day.

Our collaborative and visionary spirit presents an exceptional educational opportunity for your child. We are focused on delivering an adventurous education that starts with a holistic, future-oriented curriculum both inside and outside the classroom. Adventure in education takes place whenever students encounter the unknown and embrace the learning opportunities before them.  Adventurous learning can be found in every facet of the curriculum and co-curricular program, including Outdoor Education, Agriculture, Performing Arts, Sport, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). We believe in building the whole person, encouraging students to venture beyond their comfort zones. We want our students to build confidence and resilience that will benefit them for life.

Education is truly a lifelong pursuit at Westminster not just for students, but for staff too. Professional development is a key focus at our School and many of our teachers have HALT (Highly Accomplished Lead Teacher) accreditation. Backed with this level of professionalism, the breadth and quality of our learning programs equip students to achieve more than they thought possible. Our students are guided to ask questions and engage in discussion. They need to appreciate how challenges can be navigated and, in the process, discover their own capabilities in innovative thinking.

We live in a VUCAH world – Volatile, Uncertain, Changing, Ambiguous and Hyperconnected. Our thoughtful approach to education responds to the challenges of a VUCAH world by becoming a VUCAH prime school, preparing our students with Vision, Understanding, Clarity, Agility and Humanity to lead a fulfilling life.

Principal's Welcome

Hear from our Principal, Simon Shepherd, and the adventurous education that awaits at Westminster School.