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Technology that seamlessly supports learning

Our student laptop program plays a critical role in ensuring that our students have the right access to technology to meet their learning needs. Westminster is a Microsoft Hybrid Environment. This means that our school-owned, and portal-purchased devices have access to simple and automated security and software. Our laptop program is reviewed annually. The information below is for all parents, but particularly those who are joining the Westminster Community or have a need to upgrade or replace an existing device.

The arrangements for student devices are as follows:

  • Early Learning Centre offers access to a variety of technologies as required in the curriculum.
  • Reception to Year 3 students will have access to iPads and laptops in the classroom, as well as a specialist computer suite at no additional charge.
  • Students from Years 4 to 10 are required to purchase a laptop through the portal. These devices are configured through Microsoft Intune and add Microsoft’s top security products to protect the users' identity and their device.
  • Year 11 and 12 students have the added option to Bring Your Own Device, however we highly recommend the purchase of a device through our school portal.

Core costs and consumables related to IT for all year levels will continue to be covered as part of the annual core costs component of the School Fees schedule.

Device options

School Managed Devices (SMD) - Year 4 to 10
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) - Years 11 & 12 only

School Managed Devices (SMD) - Year 4 to 10

Westminster School regularly reviews what is available in the technology marketplace to ensure the recommended laptops meet the requirements of today’s learning environment. Due to the fast pace of technology releases, we are constantly reviewing and updating our models.

This laptop will be delivered to your chosen address with a Westminster-ready installation. By signing into the device, you will have access to the School’s software and security. You will also be ready to connect to the School network on your first day and require no further configuration by the ICT Service Desk team. Recommended devices will receive full support from our ICT Services Department. This includes easy access to warranty and Accident Damage repairs as well as simplified security, automation, and zero-touch deployment of updates.

Experience from previous years has shown that the School recommended device has allowed ease of access for the students and swift resolution of issues via ICT Services. Maintenance, repairs, and software updates on those devices are the responsibility of the student or parents/caregiver.

Our desire is that ICT is simple, effective, and most of all stress-free. This process removes the difficulty of choice, choosing antivirus software and dealing with lengthy repairs through retailers.

The portal is available at Westminster School Laptop Portal.

Should you need to lodge a warranty or insurance claim for a school managed device, please contact our ICT Service Team via Email for information on how to do this.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) - Years 11 & 12 only

We recommend the use of a School Managed Device for ease of repairs and the School's ability to provide a more complete ICT support solution. However, we do support the use of a non-school-managed laptop for Year 11 and 12 students only, as long as it meets the minimum specifications. It is important to note that the School is unable to assist with repairs, data recovery, updates, and resetting of BYOD devices. Some BYOD devices will have software limitations for some subjects (Windows-only software).

All BYOD devices will be required to install the Microsoft Company Portal prior to Day 1 of school. This ensures the laptop has security certificates, wireless profiles and that the device has

  • Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 CPU (Apple M1/M2)
  • Minimum 13" Display
  • 16GB RAM (Memory)
  • 250GB NVME storage
  • WiFi 11ax/WiFi6
  • Minimum advertised battery life of 8+ hours
  • Microsoft Windows 10 (Version 22H1 or newer) or Apple MacOS 11 (Big Sur)

BYOD devices receive limited support from our ICT Services team beyond assistance to connect to the network. Maintenance (including repairs and resetting of devices), software updates, and security will be the student or parent/caregiver’s responsibility for those devices. Devices must be actively backed up by the student or parent/caregiver. Westminster highly recommends the use of OneDrive for all school-related data as we are a Microsoft Hybrid Environment. Any loss of data on a student's BYOD device is not the responsibility of the School.

If you wish to Bring Your Own Device and you are unsure if the device is suitable, or if you have any technical questions in relation to the laptop program, then please contact BYO and Tech Assistance.


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