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Subject Selections for 2025 

To support students and families make the best choices possible for next year, each year level cohort will receive resources that will detail both the curriculum and the selection process.  These resources include:

  • Year level specific Curriculum Information booklets 
  • Subject specific FAQs
  • Subject specific Information PowerPoint presentations
  • Year level specific interactive Teams presentations for parents and carers
  • Year level specific face to face presentations for students.

The 2025 Year 7 to 12 online Curriculum Information Booklets will be available towards the end of Term 2. Students and families are advised to read the information carefully, using the curriculum planning documents in the booklets prior to submitting subjects.  We will once again be using the online Web Preferences portal to submit subject selections. Currently this site is populated with information for 2024, however, it will be replaced by information for 2025 in the coming weeks.

Student meetings

In addition to the above, during Weeks 3 and 4 of Term 3, current Year 10 and 11 students will attend a meeting with the Careers Pathways Advisors and Heads of Houses. This is to review their elective choices and ensure they are appropriate for their intended tertiary pathway.

The Curriculum Leaders, teachers and Heads of Houses are always available to talk through subject selections with students. Heads of Houses will be meeting all Year 10 and 11 students in the coming weeks to discuss the subject selection process prior to submission of their choices. Parents are also invited to book a meeting with me at any time to discuss 2025 subject selections.

General Careers Guidance

Mrs Jenny Howland, Careers Guidance Advisor is taking Term 2 long service leave. In her place we welcome Mrs Jayne Fulton.  Jayne joins us from St Martins Lutheran College in Mt Gambier, where she most recently held the position of VET Coordinator. She also has considerable experience in career counselling, subject course counselling, work experience and assisting students with tertiary applications. She has also been SACE Coordinator, and Acting Head of Senior School.  Jayne will continue to conduct appointments with individual students to discuss their offer careers advice and guidance.  It is important that any student in Year 11 and 12 who did not meet with Jenny Howland in Term 1, meets with Jayne Fulton during Term 2, to discuss their options.  Further opportunities for careers advice are available at Westminster School’s annual Careers Expo which will take place on Monday 22 July, 4pm to 8pm. The full program will be released in Term 2.

University Applications

Leaving high school can evoke a mix of fear and excitement in any teenager because the horizon seems boundless with opportunities. For those seeking a tertiary pathway, the university application process usually opens in early August and details will be sent to families as soon as they are published.  In Term 3, each Year 12 student will receive a 2025 SATAC Guide for them to start planning appropriate future university options. Jenny Howland, and in her absence, Jayne Fulton, Westminster’s Career Pathways Advisors, are available to meet with students individually to go through their university applications. Each year Jenny supports students individually, inviting guest speakers and running advice sessions on UCAT for medical entry. Students will find the Career Pathways Advice office in the Library.