A Uniting Church coeducational independent day and boarding school on Kaurna Country, Adelaide, South Australia

Early Learning to Year 12

Student Achievements - Edition 3 - 2020

Congratulations to the following students on their achievements...

Last Friday, Stella Senior (Year 10 Clark) and Harriet Robertson (Year 7 Forder) won the Open Girls' Final at Round 1 of the SA School Surfing Championships. Congratulations girls!

Both Sam Blyzno (Year 12 Jeffries) and Tim Blyzno (Year 12 Jeffries) have been selected to perform with the Jazz SA Superbands this term. They will be performing in a band with a combination of secondary and University students, including Old Scholar Josh Langman ('19). Old Scholar Tyler Leung ('19) is also a member of this Superband program.

2019 Chinese Video Awards

At the end of November last year, two students participated in the 2019 Chinese Language Awards. At a presentation night at Adelaide University, Gracie Greenrod (Year 10 Fereday) and Anna Symonds (Year 10 Jeffries) won second place in the secondary schools category for the Chinese Video Competition Award with their video, “Dog’s One Day”. Congratulations Gracie and Anna!

2020 Captain Announcements

Congratulations to the following students on being awarded a Captaincy for 2020.

Art Club Co-Captains: Darren Shi (Year 12 Fereday) and Esther Zhang (Year 12 Dunstan)
Photography Captain: Ryan Braitling (Year 11 Heaslip)
Fashion Captain: Amy Mohapatra (Year 12 Clark)
Music Captain: Emily Nolis (Year 12 Clark)
Dance Captain: Freya Young (Year 12 Forder)
Drama Captain: Rohan Whitford (Year 12 Clark)
Girls’ Basketball Captain: Emily Close (Year 12 Woollacott)
Girls’ Basketball Vice-Captain: Chloe Dubois (Year 12 Heaslip)
Girls’ Basketball B Team Captain: Amelia Munt (Year 12 Kelly)
Boys’ Badminton Captain: Allan Chen (Year 12 Fereday)
Cricket Captain: Sebastian Young (Year 11 Dunstan)
Girls’ Volleyball Captain: Ruby Liptak (Year 12 Dunstan)
Girls’ Volleyball Vice-Captain: Natasha Leck (Year 11 Carter)
Boys’ Volleyball Captain: Ryan Puckridge (Year 12 Fricker)
Sailing Co-Captains: Kristian Cheesman-Dutton (Year 12 Jeffries) and Ruby Pike (Year 11 Forder)
Softball Captain: Tamsin Conway (Year 12 Jeffries)
Boys’ Swimming Captain: Callum Smith (Year 12 Woollacott)
Girls’ Swimming Captain: Emily Metti (Year 12 Jeffries)
Boys’ Tennis Captain: Timothy Middleton (Year 12 Dunstan)
Girls’ Tennis Captain: Ebony Harper (Year 12 Fricker)
Round Square Chairperson: Riley Chapman (Year 12 Carter)