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Early Learning to Year 12

Student Achievements - Edition 15 - 2020

Congratulations to the following students on their achievements...

Congratulations to Nathaniel Drummond (Year 12 Carter), who won the Surf Life Saving 12km ski paddle endurance event on the weekend. He also came second in the 8km board paddling event. These are the premier long distance events in the state for surf lifesaving.

Surf Life Saving Australia

Congratulations to the following students who have all recently received certificates from Surf Life Saving Australia.

Cole Wearing (Year 11 Heaslip) - Advanced Resuscitation Certificate, Bronze Medallion Certificate and medal, and emergency procedures certificate
Lucas Langley (Year 11 Kelly) - Bronze Medallion Certificate and medal, and emergency procedures certificate
Max Furnell (Year 11 Dunstan) - Bronze Medallion Certificate and medal, and emergency procedures certificate
Mitchell Lunn (Year 11 Jeffries) - Emergency procedures certificate
Rory Phillips (Year 11 Woollacott) - Emergency procedures certificate
Emily Green (Year 11 Heaslip) - Emergency procedures certificate

Mathematics Competition

Congratulations to the following students who have been recognised for their efforts in the Mathematics Association of South Australia’s Competition for Society of Petroleum Engineers Prizes.

Jack McKenzie (Year 10 Heaslip) - Certificate of High Distinction in the Intermediate Section
Jenny Xu (Year 9 Fricker) - Certificate of Credit in the Intermediate Section
Sebastian Ireland (Year 8 Woollacott) - First place in the Junior Division

ADF Long Tan and Future Innovator Awards

Congratulations to the following students who have each been presented with an Australian Defense Forces Award.

Jacob Dreyer – Year 10 Heaslip
Elise Long – Year 12 Fereday
Jade Cross - Year 10 Clark
Mae Johnson - Year 12 Kelly

Senior School Athletics Carnival Year Level Champions

Year 7 Girls

3rd - Eliza Maloney (Carter) - 98 points
2nd - Jazmin McKay (Clark) - 104 points
1st - Tessa Ebert (Carter) - 106 Points

Year 7 Boys

3rd - Simon Zefi (Clark) - 100 points
2nd - James McManus (Jeffries) - 108 points
1st - Jeremy Shepherd (Woollacott) - 116 points

Year 8 Girls

3rd - Alia Peerbaye (Fereday) - 82.5 points
2nd - Maddison Willis (Clark) - 92 points
1st - Sienna Jones (Clark) - 114 points

Year 8 Boys

3rd - Daniel Turnbull (Fricker) - 93 points
2nd - Bradley Jackson (Fereday) - 110 points
1st - Andre Lim (Forder) - 118 points

Year 9 Girls

3rd - Zara Segal (Fereday) - 100 points
2nd - Gracie Martin (Dunstan) - 102 points
1st - Katie Natt (Forder) - 118 points

Year 9 Boys

3rd - Gjsovaun Brijmohan (Kelly) - 106.5 points
2nd - Declan Kolb (Clark) - 108 points
1st - Billy Hayes (Fricker) - 118 points

Year 10 Girls

3rd - Matilda Ebert (Carter) - 98 points
2nd - Airlie Rouvray (Kelly) - 112 points
1st - Jessica McManus (Jeffries) - 116 points

Year 10 Boys

3rd - Samuel Prime (Heaslip) - 95 points
2nd - Archer Byrne (Dunstan) - 101 points
1st - Josh Rycroft (Fereday) - 109 points

Year 11 Girls

3rd - Brooke Kleinig (Fricker) - 80.5 points
2nd - Tilly Nickolls (Heaslip) - 97 points
1st - Caitlin Dyer (Fricker) - 116 points

Year 11 Boys

3rd - Massimo Mammone (Forder) - 92 points
2nd - Angus Ryan (Heaslip) - 101 points
1st - Aidan Ross (Clark) - 112 points

Year 12 Girls

3rd - Chloe Dubois (Heaslip) - 82 points
2nd - Amelia Anderson (Fricker) - 94 points
1st - Ruby Liptak (Dunstan) - 118 points

Year 12 Boys

=2nd - Riley Brown (Fereday) - 79 points
=2nd - Campbell Watson (Dunstan) - 79 points
1st - Samuel Blyzno (Jeffries) - 96 points

Year 12 Academic Awards - Term 3 2020

Outstanding Attitude Award

Callum Andrews (Carter)
Jared Ballinger (Heaslip)
Jade Barlass (Dunstan)
Sebastian Cocks (Clark)
Nathaniel Drummond (Carter)
Chloe Dubois (Heaslip)
William House (Fricker)
Mae Johnson (Kelly)
Efthimios Logothetis (Kelly)
Sidhaarath Sellvakumaran (Jeffries)
Ella Simpson (Woollacott)
Emily Small (Fricker)
Angus Thomson (Dunstan)

Academic Award

Luisa Alemao (Fricker)
Lauryn Ambler (Woollacott)
Amelia Anderson (Fricker)
Amy Liew (Fereday)
Timothy Middleton (Dunstan)
Amy Mohapatra (Clark)
Joshua Ponniah (Kelly)
Reilly Pratt (Fricker)
Hannah Venturi (Carter)
Ella Wagner (Clark)
Alice Wyness (Dunstan)
Yichu (Vicky) Zhang (Clark)

Academic Excellence Award

Kaine Baldwin (Forder)
Rhianna Barney (Clark)
Samuel Blyzno (Jeffries)
Timothy Blyzno (Jeffries)
Harvey Bock (Clark)
Riley Chapman (Carter)
Emily Close (Woollacott)
Tamsin Conway (Jeffries)
Max Coorey (Fricker)
Patrick Davison (Jeffries)
Victoria Donnelly (Kelly)
Tyla Ebert (Carter)
Caitlin Edwards (Fereday)
Aleisha Elliott (Woollacott)
Isabella England (Clark)
Yuqi (Yolanda) Fang (Heaslip)
Annie Firth (Woollacott)
Natasha Gardiakos (Forder)
Willis Hammond-Brown (Jeffries)
Ebony Harper (Fricker)
Maddison Higgins (Forder)
Brayden Hodge (Jeffries)
Harrison Leaker (Fereday)
Ruby Liptak (Dunstan)
Angus Llewellyn (Heaslip)
Elise Long (Fereday)
Amelia Munt (Kelly)
Peta Nedelkos (Carter)
Emily Nolis (Clark)
Jade Pearson-McKenzie (Jeffries)
Rianna Rawat (Heaslip)
Thomas Reardon (Forder)
Sienna Rouvray (Kelly)
Rachel Sanders (Woollacott)
Kurt Schenk (Fereday)
Mia Segal (Fereday)
Darren Shi (Fereday)
India Smart (Fricker)
Zoe Smith (Kelly)
Grace Taplin (Jeffries)
Campbell Watson (Dunstan)
Freya Young (Forder)
Mu (Claire) Zhang (Jeffries)
Zhiai (Esther) Zhang (Dunstan)


Congratulations to the following students who finished their 2020 Netball season undefeated:

Open A

Kayla Graham (Year 10 Fricker)
Tilly Nickolls (Year 11 Heaslip)
Lauryn Ambler (Year 12 Woollacott)
Emily Close (Year 12 Woollacott)
Ruby Liptak (Year 12 Dunstan)
Sienna Rouvray (Year 12 Kelly)
Amelia Anderson (Year 12 Fricker)
Chloe Dubois (Year 12 Heaslip)
Hannah Young (Year 12 Fricker)
Natasha Leck (Year 11 Carter)

Open B

Amelia Munt (Year 12 Kelly)
Monet Wareing (Year 10 Dunstan)
Emma Keightley (Year 11 Fereday)
Emily Small (Year 12 Fricker)
Kate Liptak (Year 10 Dunstan)
Jade Cross (Year 10 Clark)
Hatti Cox (Year 11 Carter)
Airlie Rouvray (Year 10 Kelly)
Macey Giles (Year 12 Jeffries)
Indiah Kubank (Year 10 Dunstan)
Abby Cawse (Year 10 Kelly)
Elizabeth Payne (Year 11 Jeffries)


Lucy Boyd (Year 8 Carter)
Jorja Watson (Year 8 Heaslip)
Sienna Jones (Year 8 Clark)
Reilly Curran (Year 8 Carter)
Charlotte Burt (Year 8 Fricker)
Paige Exelby (Year 8 Fricker)
Georgia Pfeiffer-Smith (Year 8 Dunstan)
Paige Taylor (Year 8 Fricker)
Maddison Willis (Year 8 Clark)


Olivia Moody (Year 8 Carter)
Chanelle Jayakody (Year 8 Fricker)
Jessie Hartman (Year 8 Heaslip)
Bree Fogarty (Year 8 Forder)
Zara Papst (Year 8 Fricker)
Charlotte Ward (Year 8 Kelly)
Abbie Solomon (Year 8 Woollacott)
Nisha Sanap (Year 8 Clark)
Lily Power (Year 8 Woollacott)


Harriet Robertson (Year 7 Forder)
Sophia Edwards (Year 7 Woollacott)
Eva Bratkovic (Year 7 Dunstan)
Tahli Charles (Year 7 Dunstan)
Amahli Siebum (Year 7 Heaslip)
Emily Mableson (Year 7 Dunstan)
Eliza Maloney (Year 7 Carter)
Jazmin McKay (Year 7 Clark)
Milla Liptak (Year 7 Dunstan)

Music Notes

Our Music students have had outstanding success at ABODA and the Southern Stars Choral Festival this year. Congratulations to the following ensembles:


Big Band 1: Gold
Big Band 2: Gold
Big Band 3: Gold
Prep Concert Band: Gold
Senior Strings: Silver
Senior Orchestra: Silver
Senior Wind Ensemble: Silver
Intermediate Wind Ensemble: Silver
Prep Strings: Non-competitive

Southern Stars Choral Festival

Vocal Jazz 2: Bronze
Senior Vocal Ensemble: Silver
Vocal Jazz 1: Gold and outright winner of their section

Vocal Jazz 1 was also awarded the Division S1 Best Song for 'Through The Years', and as a result have been invited to perform at The Hopgood Theatre on Monday 26 October with the other winning schools from different divisions.