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Early Learning to Year 12

Student Achievements - Edition 12 - 2019

Congratulations to the following students on their achievements...

ABODA SA Band Festival

Congratulations to all students who took part in the ABODA SA Band Festival during Week 4. Many of our students from both the Prep and Senior School took part, performing in eight different ensembles.

Our best results this year went to the Senior Concert Band and Big Band 1. Our Senior Concert Band performed in the Advanced Concert band section and achieved a Gold Award. Big Band 1 performed in the Advanced Big Band section and not only received a Gold Award but were outright winners in this division.

Congratulations to the following students who perform in Big Band 1.

Tyler Leung (Year 12 Clark) - Alto Sax 1
Jack McDonald (Year 9 Forder) - Alto Sax 2
Emily Nolis (Year 11 Clark) - Tenor Sax 1
Thomas Bowes (Year 12 Kelly) - Tenor Sax 2
John Fretwell (Year 12 Dunstan) - Baritone Sax
Sam Blyzno (Year 11 Jeffries) - Trumpet 1
Riley Nixon-Burns (Year 11 Kelly) - Trumpet 2
James Rycroft (Year 11 Fereday) - Trumpet 3
Andrew Draper (Year 9 Clark) - Trumpet 4
Hamish Caudle (Year 11 Clark) - Trombone 1
Alex Lake (Year 11 Jeffries) - Trombone 2
Riley Chapman (Year 11 Carter) - Trombone 3
Elizabeth Williamson (Year 12 Dunstan) - Bass Trombone
Josh Langman (Year 12 Dunstan) - Piano
Tim Blyzno (Year 11 Jeffries) - Guitar
Jasper Cundell (Year 12 Fereday) - Bass Guitar and Band Leader
Stephen Dinning (Year 12 Fricker) - Drums
Kai Bigwood (Year 10 Heaslip) - Percussion