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Early Learning to Year 12

Student Achievements - Edition 1 - 2020

Congratulations to the following students on their achievements...

Over the holidays, Harry Snodgrass (Year 11 Clark) represented SA in a Triathlon meet at Runaway Bay in Queensland. Congratulations Harry.

Olivia Buchanan

At the recent Equestrian SA awards night, Olivia Buchanan (Year 11 Dunstan) received a certificate for being selected as part of the Gillian Rolton Youth Development Scholarship weekend. She also won the Interschool Secondary Dressage ‘Champion of the Year’ for 2019, winning a beautiful rug for her horse.

The following students from the Class of 2019 have been selected to exhibit in the SACE Art show. Their work was selected based on the quality of the individual pieces and the innovative and creative development of their ideas. The exhibition will be held from Tuesday 17 March to Friday 17 April at the Adelaide College of the Arts.

Visual Art - Art

Sarah Dennis
Annabelle Dean
Chelsea Higgins

Visual Art – Design

Lachie Rees

Maths Competition

In 2019, our Year 8 students participated in the MangaHigh.com Maths competition. Three students were awarded first, second and third prize for the highest number of points, achieving “Maths Rockstar” status and earning a Mathematics Achievement Award and medal. Congratulations to the following students for their results:

  • 3rdPlace (with 69 points): Charlotte McKenzie (Year 9 Heaslip)
  • 2ndPlace (with 86 points): William Brown (Year 9 Dunstan)
  • 1stPlace (with 122 points): Yi Chen (Jenny) Xu (Year 9 Fricker)

Academic Awards - Term 4 2019

Outstanding Attitude to Study

Stella Byrne (Year 8 Dunstan)
Samara Dixon (Year 8 Heaslip)
Emily Holzbauer (Year 8 Forder)
Jack Richards (Year 8 Fricker)
Rommy Snoad (Year 9 Kelly)
Finlay Bennett (Year 10 Forder)
Lachlan Grigg (Year 10 Forder)
Julia Laurendi (Year 10 Clark)
Natasha Leck (Year 10 Carter)
Jared Ballinger (Year 11 Heaslip)
Jade Barlass (Year 11 Dunstan)
Harvey Bock (Year 11 Clark)
Riley Chapman (Year 11 Carter)
Tamsin Conway (Year 11 Jeffries)
Chloe Dubois (Year 11 Heaslip)
Caitlin Edwards (Year 11 Fereday)
Willis Hammond-Brown (Year 11 Jeffries)
Ebony Harper (Year 11 Fricker)
Erin Hastie (Year 11 Carter)
Beiyao He (Year 11 Dunstan)
William House (Year 11 Fricker)
Ruby Liptak (Year 11 Dunstan)
Elise Long (Year 11 Fereday)
Amy McDonald (Year 11 Forder)
Voramet Muanmeechok (Year 11 Heaslip)
Emily Nolis (Year 11 Clark)
Campbell Watson (Year 11 Dunstan)
Anna Wilson (Year 11 Forder)
Zhiai Zhang (Year 11 Dunstan)

Academic Achievement

Tara Guppy (Year 8 Heaslip)
Ashtyn Hodge (Year 8 Jeffries)
Michelle Liew (Year 8 Fereday)
Grace Martin (Year 8 Dunstan)
Charlotte McKenzie (Year 8 Heaslip)
Veda Muthineni (Year 8 Clark)
Katie Natt (Year 8 Forder)
Crystal Ponniah (Year 8 Kelly)
Srujan Saxena (Year 8 Woollacott)
Ella Williams (Year 8 Fereday)
William Bradley (Year 9 Jeffries)
Daisy Bright (Year 9 Fereday)
Cameron Chau (Year 9 Fricker)
Sasha Coorey (Year 9 Fricker)
Jade Cross (Year 9 Clark)
Maria Demina (Year 9 Jeffries)
Anisha Dinesh (Year 9 Fereday)
Abbey Francis (Year 9 Fricker)
Shenae Gianni (Year 9 Woollacott)
Jianan Jiang (Year 9 Carter)
Jack McKenzie (Year 9 Heaslip)
Abbie Munt (Year 9 Kelly)
Ashlee Munt (Year 9 Kelly)
Ayesha Peerbaye (Year 9 Fereday)
Kiera Ross (Year 9 Clark)
Airlie Rouvray (Year 9 Kelly)
Zoe Sibbons (Year 9 Fereday)
Anna Symonds (Year 9 Jeffries)
Michelle Vo Nguyen (Year 9 Dunstan)
Elliot Whitford (Year 9 Clark)
Lilly Wiese (Year 9 Fricker)
Zixuan Yu (Year 9 Woollacott)
Xiluo Deng (Year 10 Kelly)
Daisy Jury (Year 10 Clark)
Emma Keightley (Year 10 Fereday)
Zane Lindblom (Year 10 Kelly)
Elizabeth Payne (Year 10 Jeffries)
Timothy Middleton (Year 11 Dunstan)
Sidhaarath Sellkumaran (Year 11 Jeffries)

Academic Excellence

Emily Cesana (Year 8 Fricker)
Emma Deering (Year 8 Dunstan)
Lucy Pfeiffer-Smith (Year 8 Dunstan)
Zara Segal (Year 8 Fereday)
Ayla Smyth (Year 8 Clark)
Oshana Andraweera (Year 9 Fricker)
Imogen Beattie (Year 9 Heaslip)
Charlotte Coombs (Year 9 Kelly)
Kayla Graham (Year 9 Fricker)
Gracie Greenrod (Year 9 Fereday)
Jessica McManus (Year 9 Jeffries)
Ava Corcoran-Cox (Year 10 Fereday)
Isabella Frankel (Year 10 Heaslip)
Sacha Mutze (Year 10 Kelly)
Amelie Noble (Year 10 Jeffries)
Charlotte Reed (Year 10 Fereday)
Aidan Ross (Year 10 Clark)
Zechariah Wicks (Year 10 Clark)
Rhianna Barney (Year 11 Clark)
Samuel Blyzno (Year 11 Jeffries)
Timothy Blyzno (Year 11 Jeffries)
Aleisha Elliott (Year 11 Woollacott)
Yuqi Fang (Year 11 Heaslip)
Annie Firth (Year 11 Woollacott)
Mae Johnson (Year 11 Kelly)
Amy Mohapatra (Year 11 Clark)
Jade Pearson-McKenzie (Year 11 Jeffries)
India Smart (Year 11 Fricker)
Zoe Smith (Year 11 Kelly)
Hannah Venturi (Year 11 Carter)
Freya Young (Year 11 Forder)
Mu Zhang (Year 11 Jeffries)
Yichu Zhang (Year 11 Clark)