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Round Square - Edition 12 - 2019

Round Square ‘Conferences’ for Students

We often associate ‘conferences’ as being something that tend to be directed towards adults, however through the Round Square network, our Westminster students are extremely lucky to have many opportunities to attend a variety of conferences throughout the year, both locally and internationally. We advertise these opportunities regularly through email, SEQTA notices, word of mouth and in our eNews. The financial cost for these conferences can vary depending on the length and venue.

On average, an Australian based conference is usually the cost of flights plus around $800 which includes accommodation, food and activities for around four to five days. International conferences can be between $4000-6500 per person depending on where they are held. This price includes not only the flights and main conference, but usually a pre or post conference tour of four to five days.

Each conference has a theme based on the IDEALS of Round Square. There are usually a combination of guest speakers, group discussions, workshops, cultural visits, community service and adventure activities.

With specific age-range conferences, students are able to work with other delegates of a similar age, discussing topics and participating in activities that are age appropriate. The International Conference and all Globally Accessible Conferences include students from multiple countries across the world and up to 500 delegates per host school.

Regional Conferences usually include students from all or many of the schools in the region in which the conference takes place. Each school brings a delegation of students and accompanying adults.

Every year the Round Square International Conference (RSIC) is hosted by a different Round Square Region on rotation. The 2019 conference will be held in Indore, India and Westminster is looking forward to participating once again. In 2020, the International conference will be hosted by several schools in Australia. We will begin expressions of interest to attend this conference in Term 4, 2019.

Teamwork heavily features in every Round Square Conference and students are encouraged to participate, collaborate and involve themselves positively in every aspect. This teamwork helps students to develop the fundamental skills associated with working as a collective unit toward a common goal. This type of teamwork introduces a variety of skills that will be valuable for our students later in the workforce, such as negotiating, persuading, compromising, conflict management and collective effort.

Each Round Square International Conference, and many Regional and local conferences offer an adventure activity or day, as well as an opportunity to participate in a Service Learning activity. This varies greatly depending on the host school, the event programme and the country you are visiting. Whatever the activities planned by your host school are, it is always encouraged to embrace the adventure and enjoy the experience. Service activities offer the opportunity to demonstrate citizenship and leadership skills, a respect for the dignity of all, the ability to work with diverse people and initiate social change, whilst also making a difference in the community.

There is usually a range of pre/post conference trips also available. These are often cultural and adventure themed where your school delegation might meet with another Round Square School to experience a town/city/country en-route to or from the conference. These aren’t compulsory and are negotiated with the delegates attending.

If any student is interested in attending any of these conferences for 2020, please email me directly to find out more. Cost will vary depending on the location and length of the conference, however I have tried to give some idea below. Age restrictions apply to most of the conferences and this is to ensure that students are working with similar aged students on a variety of Round Square issues. Some conferences will also include several extra days of pre or post conference activities (these will be decided at a later date in negotiation with the students involved).

RegionDateHost SchoolAge GroupThemeApprox. Cost
South Korea9 to 14 MarchCheongShim International Academy14 to 15 year oldsReverence for the past, aspirations for the future$3,500
Thailand23 to 27 AprilPrem Tinsulanonda International School10 to 12 year oldsSustainable Siam - Sustainability & Equity$3,000
Chile1 to 7 AprilCraighouse School15 to 18 year oldsA Generation Rising Together$4,500
Kenya14 to 20 AprilBrookhouse School16 to 18 year oldsAfrican Footprint$5,000
Canada30 April to 6 MayGlenlyon Norfolk School12 to 14 year oldsNature is our home and where our adventure begins$4,500
India8 to 10 MayKC Public School12 to 14 year oldsLeadership capacity to transform vision to reality$4,000
UK29 June to 3 JulySt Mary's Colchester12 to 13 year oldsOur past, your future - conservation in action$5,000
India20 to 25 OctoberThe Sanskaar Valley School12 to 14 year oldsAspire to Inspire...age no bar!$4,000

Exchange Student Opportunities

Markham College, Peru - female student aged 15/16 (need confirmation before end of August)

Colegio Anglo Colombiano, Colombia - male and female students aged 15/16

Fountain Valley School of Colorado, USA - two female students aged 15/16 (would need to travel separately and will have to arrange as soon as possible due to visa requirements for USA)

St Georges Diocesan School, Namibia - female student aged 16/17 (would like to come to us this November if possible)

For further information on Round Square, our initiatives, exchanges, or conferences, please contact me via Email.

Julia Chukwuani
Round Square and Exchanges Coordinator