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Round Square - Edition 10 - 2019

‘Round Square’ Plans for Term 3!

After a very relaxing mid-year break, Term 3 looks to be another busy, yet rewarding term for Round Square. During the holidays, we saw the arrivals of five very enthusiastic Exchange students from the UK, USA, Canada and Tanzania and they are all settling in well to life in Australia. We will also be welcoming two students from Japan in mid-August.

In addition to taking care of our Exchange students, Westminster students are continuing their great work in Service, with valuable programs continuing at Foodbank, as well as a variety of other opportunities. Term 3 also sees our students become involved in initiatives such as the Red Dove Café at the Royal Adelaide Show, Legacy Badge Day and other fundraising activities to support a variety of charities/organisations and contributions to the Round Square Discovery Fund (more information below).

I personally am really looking forward to the end of Week 10, when I will head to Indore, India, along with student delegate Aleisha Elliott (Year 11 Woollacott), to participate in the Round Square International Conference 2019.

Preparations also continue in Term 3 for activities such as the Year 10 Service Day (held in Term 4) and other international and local student conference opportunities to be held in 2020. I urge all students to keep updated with this information both on the Round Square website, SEQTA and also via emails that I will send asking for interest. Some of this information is listed again below.

Red Dove Café and Legacy Badge Day

Recently I sent out an email to students in Years 7 to 12 and put information on SEQTA about Red Dove Café at the Royal Show, and shortly I will also be advertising for volunteers to be involved in Legacy Badge Day. Both of these Service opportunities take place in late August/early September.

Red Dove Café, run by the Uniting Church always appreciates our student volunteers to help out with serving food and clearing tables. This will be available to all Year 7 to 12 students and shifts will be allocated on a first in first served basis according to return of consent forms. I have emailed this initial information directly to all students in Years 7 to 12 last week, and will follow up with students in the next week or so.

Legacy Badge Selling will be available to all students in Years 10 to 12, however there are limited shifts available for this (probably a total of about eight to 10 students required). It will be held in close proximity to the school at the Park Holme Shopping Centre with each shift being no more than two hours. I will also email information to all students this week about this opportunity.


The Round Square Discovery Fund

*information taken from the Round Square Website, www.roundsquare.org

Each year every Round Square Member school is asked to pledge a sum of money to the Round Square Discovery Fund, which raises vital monies for International Service Projects materials, tools and associated costs as well as bursaries for students that would not otherwise be able to participate in RSIS or RSIC activities.<>

Local Communities

Through RSIS projects, teams of students from Round Square schools work in partnership with local communities, often in the developing world, to maximise their limited resources to improve access to education, improve hygiene and even create employment opportunities. Money fundraised by students for the Discovery Fund make these projects possible by paying for essential tools, building materials and costs associated with transporting tools and materials to site.

Over the years, the students that have participated in RSIS Projects have invested the funds generously raised by their peers in support of communities in need around the world, making a lasting difference through building and renovating schools, houses, bridges and washing facilities.

Equal Opportunities

We believe that all Round Square students, regardless of their financial circumstances, should have the opportunity to participate in Round Square Conference and Project activities. Each year a small number of bursaries are provided by the Discovery Fund to support participation by students whose particular financial circumstances would otherwise prevent them from participating. Successful bursary applications are supported by a letter from the applicant’s Head of School, and in each case assessed by Round Square’s bursary panel.

Our school community

Fundraising for Round Square is a great way to get everyone in your school involved in making a positive difference in the world. It can help to bring the IDEALS to life even for students that might not have the chance to directly participate in service or conference activities. Through engaging students with the Service pillar in this way, a school can shape a range of activities, planning discussions, and decision-making processes through which pupils discover concepts and qualities that fit with each of the six RS IDEALS.

Between January and December students in all Round Square Global Member Schools are encouraged to undertake fundraising activities to raise money for the Discovery Fund.

Fundraising for the Discovery Fund can be great fun. Offering something in return for a donation can be a fantastic way to engage your supporters and make the process enjoyable for everyone and to engage your whole school community. There are loads of things you can do to raise funds, and here at Westminster we encourage our students to be creative and propose ideas that will involve as many people as possible.

The money is raised by students throughout the year, and it is notionally suggested that the sum be equivalent to the price of two cups of coffee per pupil in the school. Students should take ownership of the fundraising activities and it should engage the whole school community.

Our school's pledge is formally presented each year at the Round Square International Conference.


Exchanges Update for Term 3

Incoming Exchange students

As I mentioned above, we have recently celebrated the arrival of five Exchange Students to Westminster School. We hope that they all have a great ‘Aussie’ experience and make the most of the weeks they spend here with us. A warm Australian welcome goes to:

Kellyn Pattee (USA) hosted by Natasha Leck (Year 10 Carter), until Saturday 10 August

Lorelei Adam (Canada) hosted by Lekiah Van Laarhoven (Year 10 Forder), until Sunday 25 August

Madelaine Layton (Canada) hosted by Ruby Pike (Year 10 Forder), until Monday 12 August

Hannah Campbell (UK) hosted by Erin Hastie (Year 11 Carter), until Sunday 18 August

James Okeyo (Tanzania) hosted by Riley Chapman 11 CARTER, until August 22nd

Airin Hosokawa (Japan) hosted by Hayley Nicolle (Year 9 Fereday), arrives Sunday 11 August, until Saturday 31 August

Ririka Kuroki (Japan) hosted by Hannah Gomez (Year 9 Carter), arrives Sunday 11 August, until Saturday 31 August

Round Square Adventures for 2020

The conferences and events listed below are proposed trips only and are dependent on student interest and places available. Information has already been sent out via SEQTA and our School Star app for the Regional events. Please email me immediately if you are interested in these Regional adventures.

Regional (registrations open Wednesday 4 September, has already been advertised to students and parents):

  • Monday 9 to Saturday 14 March, CheongShim International Academy, Korea (14 to 15 year olds) ‘Reverence for the past, aspirations for the future’
  • Thursday 23 to Monday 27 April, Prem Tinsulanonda International School, Thailand (10 to 12 year olds) ‘Sustainable Siam- Sustainability & Equity’

Global (registrations open Friday 4 October, subject to places being available to schools outside of region, will be advertised to students and parents at the start of Term 3):

  • Wednesday 12 to Monday 17 February, Elaraki School, Morocco (15 to 18 year olds) ‘Future is Now’
  • Wednesday 1 to Tuesday 7 April, Craighouse School, Chile (15 to 18 year olds) ‘A Generation Rising Together’
  • Tuesday 14 to Monday 20 April, Brookhouse School, Kenya (16 to 18 year olds) ‘African Footprint’
  • Thursday 30 April to Wednesday 6 May, Glenlyon Norfolk School, Canada (12 to 14 year olds) ‘Nature is our home and where our adventure begins’
  • Friday 8 to Sunday 10 May, KC Public School, India (12 to 14 year olds) ‘Leadership capacity to transform vision into reality’
  • Monday 29 June to Friday 3 July, St Mary’s Colchester, UK (12 to 13 year olds) ‘Our past, your future - conservation in action’
  • The Round Square International Conference 2020 for ages 16 to 18 will be hosted in Australia by Ballarat Grammar School, Ivanhoe Grammar School and Scotch Oakburn College across separate date ranges between Sunday 13 to Thursday 24 September 2020
  • Tuesday 20 Sunday 25 October, The Sanskaar Valley School, India (12 to 14 year olds) ‘Aspire to Inspire’

For further information on Round Square, our initiatives, exchanges, or conferences, please contact me via Email.

Julia Chukwuani
Round Square and Exchanges Coordinator