A Uniting Church coeducational independent day and boarding school on Kaurna Country, Adelaide, South Australia

Early Learning to Year 12

Return to School - Information for Parents - Edition 1 - 2022

Return to School for all Students, Monday 14 February

While the start to our School year has been anything but usual, we are looking forward to Monday 14 February when we can welcome all healthy students back into the School grounds. The School has protocols and procedures in place for hygiene control and will keep students informed of what expectations and responsibilities we all have, including appropriate physical distancing, to keep our School community as safe as we can.

COVID-19 Flow Chart and Health Restrictions

With the return of all year levels, health guidelines and restrictions remain in place:

  • Please use this new flow chart to step through the response to a positive case of COVID-19.
  • If a positive case is confirmed, families in that class will be advised – staff and students in the class are referred to as ‘classroom contacts’.
  • Parents are asked to remain out of classrooms and also to refrain from coming onto the School grounds as much as possible (special arrangements for Reception classes continue).
  • Masks indoors are essential for all adults (staff, parents and visitors) and students from Year 7; students in Years 2 to 6 are encouraged to wear a mask; ELC to Year 1, masks are optional and at the discretion of families.
  • While the School will have an emergency stock of masks, all students are expected to provide their own - hand sanitiser is available throughout the School.
  • After arriving at School, students who report any symptoms may be temperature tested – if unwell, students will be appropriately isolated and cared for while parents/caregivers are contacted.
  • After-school sport trainings/activities will commence Week 3 (from Monday 14 February).
  • Music co-curricular (eg choirs, bands, string ensembles) will not commence until Week 4 (from Monday 21 February).
  • Inter-School competition is not planned to commence until Week 5 (from Monday 28 February) – refer to the eNews article from the Head of Activities
  • Specifically in the Preparatory School:
    • Assembly, House Meeting, Buddies and Chapel will not be held for the next two weeks.
    • children will eat their lunch either in their classrooms or spread out in class groups in the open rather than in communal areas.
    • Lunch orders are available via the Qkr app (although the Prep canteen will not fully open until Monday 21 February).
  • Boarding students continue to have their own arrangements as communicated separately through the Director of Boarding.

Traffic Management

With all year levels returning, please be reminded of the traffic restrictions, specifically in front of the Michael Murray Centre for Performing Arts that requires the Main Gates roadway next to the Chapel to be closed for most of the School Day.

Please refer to this map in conjunction with the following points about traffic flow and follow the signs on the roadways:

  • the road will be open between 8.15 and 9.00 am and 3.15 and 4.00 pm, Monday to Friday, to cater for peak hour traffic flow.
  • Please do not stop to drop-off or pick-up in this zone – this is not a pedestrian zone.
  • When open, the road loops around the Chapel to turn left to Junior Primary/Health Centre or right, past the Preparatory School to the Main Gate exit (see blue line on the map – follow the directional arrows).
  • When closed through the School day, the road loops around the eastern paved Chapel roadway, turning right only to exit (see red line in front of Chapel on the map - follow the directional arrows).
  • When closed, access to Junior Primary/Health Centre is via Gate 1 (railway end) and the ‘authorised access’ service road between OSHC/Prep Art where you will make a right turn to JP then exit as per normal through the Main Gates (see red line coming from Gate 1 on map - follow the directional arrows).
  • If using Gate 4, please do not use the staff carpark as a loop road for drop off – continue to the end to do this or use a side street.
  • Please consider dropping off or picking up your older child in a side street outside of the School grounds.

School Bus Service

  • All School bus services have been in operation since the beginning of term, including the Adelaide Metro Blackwood bus.
  • Bus maps can be found on our website: School Bus Routes.
  • All 2021 pre-purchased tickets are valid for 2022 and can be used on any School bus route.
  • New tickets can be purchased through the Westminster Shop – via the Qkr app or in person.
  • All public bus stops on every School bus route are also available should they suit your family better.

Vaccination Resources for Parents and Students

SA Health has developed dedicated vaccination resources for children aged 5 to 11, which includes a letter to parents from Chief Medical Officer Professor Nicola Spurrier.

To all families who have students or family members not well, we wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to welcoming you back to Westminster in due course.