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Head of Wellbeing - Edition 4 - 2020

Coronavirus – Maintaining our wellbeing

As we grapple with the implications of COVID-19 and do our best to maintain excellent hygiene and physical health, it is also worth giving a thought to our mental health and wellbeing and supporting our children in this. The excellent clip from Michael Carr-Gregg included in the SchoolTV Coronavirus Special Report is well worth watching for ideas on how to manage the subject with our children. In addition, Beyond Blue has some good points to make:

  • Try to maintain perspective – remember that experts around the world are working to contain the virus through treatment and development of a vaccine
  • Find a balance regarding media coverage – while staying informed, try to keep a limit on the amount of media you and your child see if you find it is upsetting
  • Access accurate information – ensure that you are getting your information from credible sources
  • Conversations with children and young people – don’t be afraid to discuss the issues but keep it developmentally appropriate; be reassuring by focusing on what you are doing to stay safe; keep routines going where possible as this is reassuring and reduces uncertainty; keep the channels of communication open
  • Try to maintain a calm and practical approach.

Remember to continue the practices which you find contribute to your wellbeing normally. For example, ensuring you get some exercise, eat healthy foods, and get good sleep is important. With the extra time you may have available, perhaps now is a good time to explore some mindfulness. An app such as “The Smiling Mind” could be worth investigating. It is also important to keep an outward view. What could you and your children do that might be of help to someone else? Perhaps joining a Facebook page such as ‘Love your neighbour South Australia: COVID-19 inspired local connections’ could be a good way of feeling connected to our wider community during this time of increased isolation.

Of course, should you be concerned about your child’s wellbeing during this challenging time, you are always welcome to make contact with their class teacher, House Head or one of us in the Wellbeing Team. Together, we will get through this.

Teen Mental Health First Aid

In my last article, I mentioned this course which I will be running with the Year 10s. Due to the uncertainty around at the moment, the decision has been made to postpone the running of this until later in the year.

Liz Collins
Head of Wellbeing
T: 08 8276 0395

Liz Collins
Head of Wellbeing