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Head of Wellbeing - Edition 3 - 2022

Digital Nutrition

Many of our parents registered to participate in our recent webinar with Jocelyn Brewer on the topic of Digital Nutrition. Jocelyn gave us a wealth of information and wisdom about how to live with technology in a healthy way, for our children and ourselves. If you did not get a chance to participate in the webinar, it will be available for not too much longer, until Thursday 17 March. Please find it on YouTube at Untangling Teens from Tech.

The Resilience Project

I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of our Introduction to The Resilience Project in the last eNews. Please see below for the link to the next video which focuses on Gratitude.

Part 2: Gratitude

This week’s presentation from The Resilience Project focuses on Gratitude.

Gratitude is paying attention to the things that we have right now, and not worrying about what we don’t have. We practise this by noticing the positives that exist around us.

Research shows that practising gratitude rewires our brains to overcome the negativity bias (which can lead to anxiety and depression) and see the world for what we are thankful for. It is also shown to broaden thinking and increase physical health through improved sleep and attitude to exercise. View Part 2 of the series here - Gratitude

There are many ways in which you can practise gratitude, including starting a Wellbeing Journal. The image below contains a few ideas to get started.

Part2 Gratitude Parents 2
Source: Psychology Today

For mental health resources and support information, visit The Resilience Project’s Support Page.

Liz Collins
Head of Wellbeing
T: 08 8276 0395