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Head of Wellbeing - Edition 16 - 2018

Parenting Girls and Boys

As a mother of two girls and a boy I am aware that sometimes there can be differences and unique needs that each of the genders have in terms of how we parent them. Recently, our Principal Simon Shepherd alerted me to an article he had come across that highlighted the need for dads to be involved in their daughter’s lives, and the pleasing sign that many are increasingly putting in effort to do this amidst what can be hectic, time-poor lives. But there is still some way to go. If you are interested in reading this article, you can find it at the link below:

Soon after reading this article about parenting girls, I found myself listening to a podcast about parenting boys on the ABC program ‘Conversations’ called Raising Boys With Love. The interviewee was Maggie Dent, a mother of four boys who has been been a high school teacher, a counsellor, radio presenter, basketball coach, and celebrant. I would highly recommend listening to this podcast, whether you are the parent of boys or girls, as it raises some important ideas about how we increase the emotional intelligence and resilience of our children. I was particularly interested in the idea that sometimes we try to make life better for our children by easing the pain they may feel, but in doing so inadvertently leave them ill-equipped to deal with challenges that life inevitably throws at them down the track. Having the bigger, longer-term picture about what can be learnt from a challenging experience (with support of course), rather than the short term desire to make our children feel better is, in my opinion, an important skill in parenting.

Parent Book Club

On the theme of parenting, I have previously mentioned the Parent Book Club that Jane Edwards (Prep RAVE and Chapel) and I have begun this year. We have met twice so far and discussed The Strength Switch by Dr Lea Waters. We had a great turn-up at the first one, with lots of interesting discussion. The second one was much smaller in number, but an equally enjoyable discussion. Next Monday 12 November we will again be holding our book club, this time at school, to discuss 'Getting Grit: the evidence based approach to cultivating passion, perseverance and purpose' by Caroline Adams Miller. Even if you have not had a chance to read the book, you are still very welcome. We will be watching a TED talk by the author as part of the discussion, and this will give you a good overview of the issues the book covers. If you would like to join us, please RSVP to me via Email as soon as possible. The venue will be the Haslam Library in the Prep School, and we will start at 7.00 pm. We would love to see you there.

Liz Collins
Head of Wellbeing