A Uniting Church coeducational independent day and boarding school on Kaurna Country, Adelaide, South Australia

Early Learning to Year 12

Head of Sport Development and High Performance - Edition 7 - 2019


I’d like to share an idea I read earlier by leadership expert Bridgett Hyacinth, which was simple but profound. In the interest of relevance to a sporting context I’m going to share my own version of the story, but the principle is clear.

If you had $3600 in your hand but someone stole $10, would you throw away the $3590 to try and get the $10 back? Or would you just let it go?

In a game of one hour we have 3600 valuable seconds where we can do our best and contribute to the team and strategy, but for every second that passes, you can never get it back. Every time we miss a play, the ref call doesn’t go our way, or our opposition make a good run we in that moment cannot change anything. We need to acknowledge what happened and then completely let it go. The more we focus on what could/should have been, the more valuable seconds we throw away. Seconds where we could be having an impact for ourselves, our team and the outcome. Momentum is an easily won opponent, it requires focus and action. Imagine how many more valuable seconds we would gain if we were able to let go of the moments that went against us sooner, and we put our seconds to good use.



This week’s highlights have been dominated by Basketball with the State Championships being held recently. Our congratulations go to Andre Lim (Year 7 Charter), Indi Kubank (Year 9 Dunstan), Lainey Pratt (Year 9 Fricker), Hatti Cox (Year 10 Carter) and Caitlyn Dyer (Year 10 Fricker) on their selections into the State teams, representing SA at the National Competition. A special mention to Jackson Allen (Year 10 Kelly) whose team was successful in winning the championship, an outstanding effort.


Some of our younger students are performing among the best in our State, with Axel Tucker (Year 5 Wyvern) and Katie Natt (Year 8 Forder) being selected for the State Swimming teams. Both athletes will complete at the National Championships to be held in July.


Lastly, a belated congratulations to our Netballers Lucy Austin (Year 12 Clark) and Amelia Anderson (Year 11 Fricker) who competed in Brisbane at the National Championships during the previous school holidays. Amelia was in the U17 South Australian team and they won their Grand Final against NSW by five goals, making that four years in a row that SA has won!

The U19 team played against NSW in the Grand Final, and after losing by five in minor rounds, stepped up and won by 29 points!

Our ladies played a critical role in securing SA the double header, which hasn’t been done for 16 years! Congratulations and well done.

Yours in High Performance,

Lauren Soderberg
Head of Sport Development and High Performance