A Uniting Church coeducational independent day and boarding school on Kaurna Country, Adelaide, South Australia

Early Learning to Year 12

Head of Senior School - Edition 4 - 2021


I have always been grateful for the way the large majority of our students wear the uniform with pride, adhering to our guidelines. Unfortunately, there is a minority of students that choose to not wear the uniform as planned. This can range from non-compliant hairstyles, non-uniform clothing such as socks, the wrong earrings etc.

The general guideline for students arriving and departing each day is that they will be in uniform. If they wish to wear the school jumper then they must have the blazer over the top. While the blazer is required for Chapel and Assembly, students are not required to wear it to and from school unless they are wearing the school jumper, then they must have the blazer as the outer garment.

The only time a student may wear sports clothing to school in the morning is when they have a co-curricular activity before the school day begins at 8.45 am. They must change into the uniform prior to morning Tutor unless they have PE, Dance or Outdoor Ed in Lesson 1. The school co-curricular hoodie, rugby top or tracksuit jacket cannot be worn with the uniform.

The Year 12 hoodies have arrived, and I have communicated the conditions with the Year 12s around wearing them. These conditions are:

  1. The hoodie cannot be worn to and from school. This means the hoodie is put on when you arrive in the Fricker Centre and removed as you leave at the end of the day.
  2. The hoodie cannot be worn to Assembly and Chapel services.
  3. The hoodie cannot be worn under your blazer.
  4. Students cannot walk around with the hood on.
  5. The hoodie can be worn throughout the school day.
  6. The hoodie can be worn to co-curricular activities.
  7. The hoodie can be worn on weekends with casual clothes.

I am appreciative of the support that parents provide to ensure their children are dressed appropriately before they leave each morning.

Tenebrae Service & Holy Week

Due to ongoing restrictions around numbers inside venues, we will not be holding the Tenebrae Service this year. Instead, we will be holding a Tenebrae Service for the Senior School students on Thursday 1 April which will be recorded and will be accessible by our community.

Senior School House Athletics Day

I would like to repeat my reminder from the last eNews that the Senior Sports Day begins on the afternoon of Thursday 25 March and continues on Friday 26 March. This event is one of the highlights of the year and provides an opportunity for students to support each other in a wide variety of events over the two days. As it is an outdoor event, parents are welcome to attend and once the program of events is finalised it will be emailed to all parents. The Houses will begin working towards filling all the events across all the year levels. It is great to see the interaction between the students and how they support each other, even if they not in the same House. Once each House has organised their team your child will be able to tell you the time they will be competing.

Ronald McDonald House Charities Wishlist Drive

As their first project for the year, the Westminster Round Square Student Committee (RSSC) has been running a RMHC ‘Wishlist’ Drive, which will go until the end of Week 9 of Term 1.

We strongly encourage all students and staff in the Senior School (and the Preparatory School if they wish) to help out in some way if possible by donating items from the list below.

You can bring any donations directly to Mrs Chukwuani’s Round Square Office in D06 (out by the tennis courts) and place in the large tubs provided or give the items to your Head of House who will then arrange for them to be collected.

We would ask that you please only donate items that are listed as these are the items identified as most needed by RMHC. We'd like to thank everyone for generously supporting this student initiative.


David Wallage
Head of Senior School