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Early Learning to Year 12

Head of Senior School - Edition 2 - 2020

Swimming Carnival

The Senior School Swimming Carnival will be held on the afternoons of Thursday 20 and Friday 21 February. This is the first inter-House event for the year. The Year 7, 8 and 9 students will be competing on Thursday and the Year 10,11 and 12 students will compete for their Houses on Friday.

While there are many competitive swimming events that will showcase the more able swimmers there are opportunities for other House members to be involved in the Carnival, including a range of novelty events designed to increase participation on each afternoon. The Carnival will begin at 1.25 pm on Thursday and 12.45 pm on Friday.

Lost Property

Most student items that are misplaced or forgotten by students tend to find their way to the Senior School Office where Bev Le Cornu sorts and returns named items. Unfortunately items that are not named rely on students and parents to ask Bev if she an item that may have been handed in. I would encourage all families to ensure any item of clothing or other personal possessions are named so that they can be returned. At the end of each year there is a significant amount of lost property that is not claimed, some of which ends up in hard rubbish. There is still many school uniform items in the Senior School Office and I would encourage students or parents to come in and see if any of the clothing belongs to them.

From the Head of Year 7

As we approach the end of our fourth week in the Senior School, the Year 7s are doing an admirable job of finding their way around the school, organising their lockers, learning to use SEQTA and their laptops, as well as making new friends. It has been wonderful to see the really positive way they have approached all the challenges that Senior School presents for them. They are such an enthusiastic bunch, thoroughly enjoying the movement between classes and the different teachers and subjects they each have throughout the day. I have seen so many examples of students emulating the school values of curiosity, kindness, courage, inclusiveness, mindfulness and resilience. It is wonderful to see.

There are still opportunities for parents and caregivers to engage with their new senior schoolers around how to ensure that Year 7 is a success for them, and this advice can extend to students in all other year levels as well. Andrew Fuller, clinical psychologist and education guru, has some wonderful advice for our students as they begin their school year. Many of the following suggestions are things we discuss and develop through our Pastoral Care and Wellbeing classes, but it would be great for parents and caregivers to talk about these as well. Andrew suggests, (along with some editing from your Head of Year 7):

  1. Build positive relationships with everyone you know. Parents, teachers, coaches and classmates.
  2. Challenge yourself. Step out of that comfort zone and be positive about what you can achieve. Practise doing your best every day.
  3. Prepare yourself for learning. Thinking positively about success isn’t enough. Think about ways of reducing distractions (screens!) so that you can focus on your learning. Work actively towards success.
  4. Get enough sleep. Most people your age need around eight to nine hours a night. Getting enough sleep manages stress, helps you remain positive and increases your results.
  5. Eat breakfast. You learn best when you eat some protein in the morning to fuel your brain!
  6. Prioritise. Do the most important things first. Write a ‘to do’ list. Use the ‘task list’ element on the Dashboard of SEQTA. Start with what is due first and then work your way through the list.
  7. Use your time well. Some students muck around in class and then wonder why they have to do so much at home. If you focus, listen well and observe carefully what your teachers are requesting, then you will save yourself so much time.
  8. From little things big things grow. Do a little bit of work and do it often. The best learning occurs when you do repetitive interval training, especially in subjects like Maths, Science and Music.
  9. Focus and immerse yourself. For at least sometime during the day (after dinner/before bed would be great) to turn technology off. Read.
  10. Don’t try to predict the future. Don’t waste any time thinking about how awful your results are going to be. Focus on doing the important things and don’t worry about what probably won’t even happen!
  11. Be curious. Look out for and learn about things that are interesting, different and fun.
  12. Play more. Get active. Enjoy some games at lunchtime. Move your bodies. Get involved in the co-curricular program.
  13. Decide to be positive and happy. Lots of people wait to be happy, for the situation to be right and good. Decide to be happy now. Look for solutions, notice all the wonderful things you have in your life. Be grateful. Appreciate the wonderful people in your life. Make the most of every moment.

So, with all of this in mind, I look forward to a great year with our wonderful, enthusiastic, joyful, curious, hardworking and helpful Year 7s. As always, open communication between school and home is so important. You should have received the contacts list for all the people who care for your Year 7 student. I encourage you to make use of it should you need anything.

Jane Edwards
Head of Year 7

New Uniform Item

Being added to the School winter uniform as from this year are girls’ trousers, optional for all girls (Reception to Year 12). Girls’ trousers will cost $75 (same colour, similar fabric as for the boys but with a different cut). These trousers will need to be ordered and paid for by Thursday 5 March - please visit the West Shop (now on Alison Ave) to use the sizing kit. Girls’ trousers will be available for supply once a year via a West Shop order only - no stock is being held in the West Shop. Girls’ trousers are to be worn with the marble socks, white blouse and tie. We expect girls’ trousers to be available from the start of Term 2.

Road Raise

For the third year in a row our Head of Senior Students, Tony Ritson ('93), has taken up the challenge to ride from Adelaide from Melbourne! Tony is participating in Road Raise for CanTeen, and will cycle a total of 1100 kms in seven days, travelling along the Great Ocean Road, to raise vital funds and awareness to support young people who have been impacted by cancer.

Tony would love your support with his fundraising efforts and you can donate to him below.

David Wallage
Head of Senior School