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Early Learning to Year 12

Head of Preparatory School - Edition 18 - 2019

Where did 2019 go?

We are now in the final preparations for the 2019 school year to conclude. The Nativity play is about to happen with 150 very excited students on stage reminding us of the real meaning of Christmas. Students will soon find out their class groupings and teacher for 2020 and we will celebrate the year by wishing our Year 6 and Year 7 students well as they cross the lawn in preparation for 2020 in the Senior School.

On behalf of the students and staff of the Preparatory section of Westminster School I would like to thank all members of the School community for their support during 2019, and wish you a wonderful family festive season and an enjoyable summer.

What a night of music!

I, along with hundreds of others in the audience, thoroughly enjoyed the musical entertainment with the recent Strings afternoon, followed by the Band Evening that was the culmination of many, many hours of hard work by our Year 3 and Year 5 students. They came together to showcase what they have accomplished during their music studies this year. The night was made even more special by the involvement of older strings and band groups from right across the School. We even had a Year 1 strings performance so the children involved in performing ranged from Year 1 students to the Year 12 students who had returned to help out after already completing their school year. Congratulations to all of the students and staff on a very polished performance.

In Maths We Trust

The Australian Maths Trust competition was held in August. During the competition the students who entered solved increasingly difficult Maths problems. The following students received a Distinction:

Mia Chen (Year 3 Abbey), Harry Ward (Year 3 Crown), Yashika Agarwal (Year 4 Charter), Neil Anand (Year 4 Wyvern), Jasmine Chen (Year 4 Mace), Joshua Judd (Year 4 Abbey), Jed Papst (Year 4 Wesley), Olivia Fok (Year 6 Mace), Michael Gough (Year 6 Crown), Aman Kalro (Year 6 Charter), Diya Patel (Year 6 Wesley), Sara Zeitouneh (Year 6 Wyvern), Andre Lim (Year 7 Charter), Jacob Frankel (Year 7 Wyvern), Nicholas Averay (Year 7 Abbey), Summer Wong (Year 7 Crown). Special mention must be made of Sebastian Ireland (Year 7 Crown) who achieved a High Distinction in the competition.

Art Talent on Display

Recently the work created by our extension Art class was exhibited in the foyer of the Murray Centre. The theme of the exhibition was ‘Faces’. It was the culmination of a semester’s work focusing on the specific styles adopted by well-known artists. The theme revolved around the subject of the self-portrait, and explored how various artists seek to portray themselves. In addition, the students explored a variety of media through which to express their own personality. Earlier in the year the group of students worked with Balinese sculptor Wayan Dudug to create four sculptural works that are now in situ in a new Marion Council playground at Ascot Park. The students presented a concept to Marion Council and it was a very valuable experience to be involved in the project from concept to completion. The works, sculptured in Hebel stone and contained in a rusted iron frame form part of an interactive trail within the playground centred on the foods of the multicultural community. Congratulations to Mr Walker and the talented artists involved.


ICAS Competition Results

The International Competitions for Australian Schools are held annually through the University of NSW in many subject areas. Families have the option of nominating students to compete. This year for the first time, students undertook the competitions online. The time frame was also altered where the competitions where all completed during a two week window.

There were 53 students involved in the ICAS Mathematics Competition from Years 3 to 7. Westminster Preparatory students were awarded three High Distinction, seven Distinction, 17 Credit and six Merit certificates.

The students awarded the High Distinctions were Sebastian Ireland (Year 7 Crown), Gerard McGinley (Year 5 Mace) and Yashika Agarwal (Year 4 Charter).

Students awarded Distinctions were Lakshay Madankumar (Year 3 Wyvern), Aiden Williams (Year 3 Abbey), Joshua Judd (Year 4 Abbey), Devansh Singhal (Year 5 Wyvern), Jeffery Wang (Year 6 Mace), Nicholas Foster (Year 6 Abbey) and Andre Lim (Year 7 Charter).

In the ICAS Writing Competition, there were 33 students who participated from Years 3 to 7. Westminster Preparatory students were awarded one High Distinction, three Distinctions, 13 Credit and three Merit certificates.

The student awarded the High Distinction was Jeffery Wang (Year 6 Mace). The students awarded Distinctions were Mia Chen (Year 3 Abbey), Penny He (Year 3 Wesley) and Harry Davison (Year 5 Wesley).

There were 44 students involved in the ICAS English Competition from Years 3 to 7. Westminster Preparatory students were awarded six Distinction, 19 Credit and three Merit certificates.

Students awarded Distinctions were Penny He (Year 3 Wesley), Sophie Gayler (Year 3 Wyvern), Yashika Agarwal (Year 4 Charter), Joshua Bund (Year 6 Mace), Olivia Fok (Year 6 Mace) and Summer Wong (Year 7 Crown).

Harry Long Tournament

On Friday 15 November, we took part in the Harry Long Basketball Tournament which was held at PAC this year.

It is a tournament that is rich in tradition and history, dating back to the 1990s when Mr Bock worked as a teacher in Mannum with Mr Harry Long.

This year Westminster nominated two teams, one boys’ team and one girls’ team. The boys’ team consisted of Tim Alver (Year 6 Abbey), Jack Alver (Year 6 Abbey), Jeremy Shepherd (Year 6 Charter), Toby Brown (Year 6 Crown), Drew Latta (Year 7 Wesley), Yogin Sidgel (Year 7 Mace) and Andre Lim (Year 7 Charter). The boys’ team won two games against St John's Grammar and Trinity College, and lost against PAC, Pembroke and St Peter's Boys. Sadly, the boys didn’t make it to the finals but still did a great job.

The girls’ team consisted of Adelle Parkinson-Need (Year 5 Abbey), Eva Bratkovic (Year 6 Wesley), Tigerlily Kovacic (Year 6 Wyvern), Abbie Solomon (Year 7 Wyvern), Lucy Weatherald (Year 7 Wyvern), Sienna Jones (Year 7 Mace) and Reilly Curran (Year 7 Crown). This team won five games against St John's Grammar, Trinity College, Pembroke and Seymour. We only lost one minor round game against St Peter's Girls, but that loss didn’t take us off the top of the ladder.

We were all really nervous about the Grand Final versus Trinity College, who we had only beaten by one point in our first game. After a tough game and a very closely contested match we managed to beat Trinity by two points, to win the Grand Final.

We would like to thank our two amazing coaches. The boys had Mr Joel Dyer ('19) and the girls had Mr Jon Dyer. Both had a vast knowledge of the sport and were a big part of our success.

Go Westies!

Abbie Solomon and Lucy Weatherald
Year 7 Students


Art Award

Congratulations to Penny He (Year 3 Wesley) who recently entered the 2019 Young Australian Art Awards. This competition sees entries from many students all over the nation. I have received a letter asking me to congratulate Penny because her artwork entitled ‘The Wonderland of Future’ was selected as a finalist and Penny has received a gold medal for being the runner-up in her section.

Imagine my delight when I received a second letter advising that Penny’s other piece that she submitted entitled ‘Ice Skating Boots’ has also won a gold medal award! Congratulations Penny!

UnitingCare Christmas Appeal

A great big thank you to all our amazing families for your very generous donations to the UnitingCare Christmas Appeal this year. I challenged the students to see if we could cover the whole front step of the Chapel. At this stage, with a few days to go, we are overflowing! Thank you all so very much. Your kindness and generosity will really go such a long way for families who find it difficult to put food on the table in our local community. The gifts you have brought in will also bring a smile to many young faces on Christmas morning.

Again the amazing Westminster community has risen to the challenge and has worked together to achieve wonderful things in service of others. Thank you all so much. May you all enjoy a very happy and holy Christmas.

Jane Edwards
RAVE Specialist

Music Theatre Camp & Spotlight 2020 - 'Found'

With the end of year and January school holidays looming, award-winning production company Pelican Productions is once again excited to present MTC & Spotlight 2020 – 'FOUND'. In its sixteenth year, MTC takes the best of the best from Broadway and the West End and presents a music theatre performance like no other.

This year's MTC performance includes some of the newest shows wowing audiences around the world right now with Come From Away, Moulin Rouge, Six and Beetlejuice’ all in this fantastic line up. Both MTC & Spotlight shows will also have showcase old favourites Les Misérables, Bugsy, Aladdin and Mary Poppins. With performers from schools and universities around the state, the talent is really incredible. It will be starring some of our students, Alessandra Mayger (Year 5 Mace), Ella Chen (Year 1 Abbey), Isla Campbell (Year 8 Dunstan), Ella Burgess (Year 6 Wyvern), Mia Chen (Year 3 Abbey), Stella Byrne (Year 8 Dunstan), Amelia Collier (Year 5 Mace) and Evie Bund (Year 4 Mace), who would love to see some familiar faces in the audience!

Saturday 11 January - 5.00 pm
Friday 17 January - 7.30 pm
Saturday 18 January - 2.00 pm, 7.30 pm
Sunday 19 January - 11.00 am, 3.00 pm, 7.30 pm
*Check the booking page for which performers are performing in which shows

Westminster School Michael Murray Centre for the Performing Arts

Enjoy the very best of Broadway and the West End in one incredible show. Secure your tickets now at www.pelicanproductions.com.au.


Reflections 2018

The 2018 Reflections year book has undergone yet another delay outside of our control. We are working closely with our printing house to ensure that copies of Reflections will be distributed as soon as can be. As this is the last eNews for 2019 we will keep you informed via School Star and email as to when and how we will manage distribution. The good news is that 2019 Reflections is underway with our aim to having it distributed to families by the end of Term 1 2020.

Haslam Library Summer Holiday Opening

Following on from last year’s inaugural summer holiday borrowing, we are pleased to announce that during the coming summer holidays, families will once again be able to visit the Haslam Library.

Although we did not receive many visitors last summer, for those that did come and borrow we are confident they were appreciative of the opportunity. Always wanting to promote reading and continue to develop students’ engagement with books, we feel that offering these times could help some students to continue their reading through the summer holidays.

During their last Library lesson of the year, students will be able to extend any currently borrowed books and also borrow new titles. Students with any overdue books will not be permitted to borrow extra ones.

We will open the Haslam Library and be available to assist at the following times;
Thursday 9 January – 12.00 to 2.00 pm
Monday 20 January – 9.00 to 11.00 am

Please remember that many of our titles make excellent adult reads, so please feel free to come and browse for yourself also. The holidays may be a good opportunity to choose a book with your child that you will enjoy reading together.

Thank you to all for supporting your children with their borrowing, reading and returning of books. May your holidays be happy and relaxing, with some time for reading for the whole family

Mrs Baldwin and Mrs Mori
Teacher Librarians

Looking for ways to STRETCH yourself over the summer?

Brainways Education in conjunction with the University of South Australia invites gifted and talented students in Years 2 to 8 to participate in the Brainways Summer Camp on Thursday 16 to Friday 17 January 2020. The Summer Camp has two components: a two-day immersion and a challenge in Maths/Science or Humanities.

The following programs are being offered:

Mathematics/Science – for students year levels 2-4

Topics: Villain or Superhero?: An Investigation of Microbes; Ice Cream Chemistry; Reaching for the Stars: An Introduction to the Science of Astronomy; The Mathematics at the Beach

Mathematics/Science – for students year levels 5-8

Topics: Defense Forces: The Science of Immunology; The Heart of a Star: Nuclear Chemistry; What’s Wrong with Reality?: Wave – Particle Duality; Out at Sea: The Algebra of Navigation

Humanities – for students year levels 2-4

Topics: A Headline Act: Writing the Headlines; Creating Mythological Characters; Can Computers Think?; Liar, Liar!: A Formula for Reason

Humanities – for students year levels 5-8

Topics: The Power of Positioning: Advertising and Media; A World Apart? Heroes and Villains; Where Did You Get the Idea?: The Origin of Knowledge; Do the Ends Justify the Means?: An Ethical Debate

Please contact Tanya Madex, our STRETCH Coordinator on T: 08 8276 0219 or via Email for more details on how to register.

Diary Dates

  • JP Celebration Lunch - Thursday 5 December
  • Westminster Nativity and Carols Night - 6.00 pm, Thursday 5 December, MMC
  • Preparatory Orientation Day - Friday 6 December
  • ELC Graduation - Friday 6 December
  • Certificate Ceremony - 2.00 pm, Tuesday 10 December
  • End of Term 4 - Wednesday 11 December (dismissal at 1.00 pm)
  • Christmas Lights Begin - Thursday 12 December
  • Haslam Library Open - 12.00 to 2.00 pm, Thursday 9 January
  • Haslam Library Open - 9.00 to 11.00 am, Monday 20 January
  • Bring books to school and say hello to the teacher - 1.00 - 4.30 pm, Friday 24 January
  • 2020 commences - 8.45 am, Tuesday 28 January

Grant Bock
Head of Preparatory School