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Early Learning to Year 12

Head of Performing Arts - Edition 17 - 2018

Student achievements!

Adam Lee (Year 4 Abbey) – 100% AMEB Theory Grade 1
Lachlan Gayler (Year 11 Carter) - 100% AMEB Theory Grade 2
Sky Shi (Year 12 Heaslip) - 95% AMEB Theory Grade 3
Emily Nolis (Year 10 Clark) - High Distinction for AMEB Grade 3 Theory
Jeffery Wang (Year 5 Mace) - Piano for Leisure, Preliminary: A
Jack Elms (Year 5 Wyvern) - Piano for Leisure, 2nd Grade: A
Christy Zhang (Year 11 Jeffries) - Piano for Leisure, 4th Grade: A
Hannah Venturi (Year 10 Carter) - Piano for for Leisure: A, Hannah has also been nominated for the Grade 7 Scholarship.

Don't Stop the Music!

…on ABC and iview Sunday 25 November (final episode)

"A school principal joins forces with musical experts and a singing superstar on a mission, to transform the lives of disadvantaged Aussie kids through the power of music."

For those who are avid ABC followers you may have seen some advertising recently about a three part documentary that will begin on Sunday 11 November at 7.40 pm. Don’t Stop the Music is the beginning of a launch to promote music in schools, and it’s benefits. Guy Sebastian, James Morrison and Dr Anita Collins are all involved in this documentary, which looks at what impact music has on student’s academic, social and behavioural wellbeing, and how music can make a difference to children in disadvantaged schools. It also looks at Music and the Brain and the evidence around improved academia and student well being. I encourage all families to have a look at this documentary, whether involved in music or not.

2019 Art Show

On Friday 16 November Westminster Art enthusiasts were treated to another wonderful Art Show by our Visual Arts and Creative Arts Department. Our musicians were on deck to entertain as always. A big thanks to the Senior Jazz Ensemble, the Junior Rock Band, and the Senior Rock Band, involving a number of Year 12 students, who all performed during the evening.

Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award Ceremony at Government House

A number of Westminster students were presented with the Gold Duke of Edinburgh's International Award at Government House on Tuesday 20 November. It was a pleasure to be invited to perform for the ceremony. My thanks to our Ms Jenny Symonds who directs the Senior String Ensemble for organising the String Collective, a group of five players who put together a short set of background music and played the Vice Regal Salute for the Governor of South Australia. Thanks to Alex Lam (Year 12 Fereday), Luke Young (Year 12 Woollacott), Josh Gomez (Year 10 Carter), Hannah Gomez (Year 8 Carter), and Phoenix Pereira (Year 8 Heaslip) for the excellent way they represented their school.

Students Performing At Government House 1
Students Performing At Government House 2

Junior Play

The world over, the ancient craft of theatre is finding audiences dwindling, particularly with regards to young audiences. How can theatre compete with so much screen base entertainment on hand?

The Raspberry Beret was written to introduce students to the high energy theatricality of Commedia dell’ arte, a style of performance originating in Italy in the 16th Century, perhaps earlier, which gained in prevalence and popularity across Europe for almost 200 years.

This year’s Year 8 to 10 Junior Play has the biggest cast of any such production of last fifteen years, a cast of students who have found a great deal of enjoyment, laughter and camaraderie through the playful exploration of the style, Commedia dell’ arte. My hope is that the enjoyment the students are finding in this will influence future attendance and appreciation of theatre.

The original ‘slapstick’ comedy, Commedia dell’ arte was performed by small bands of travelling troubadours in village and town squares and involved simple, loose story lines revolving around central narratives involving two vecchi (old men), four innamorati (two couples), zanni, a braggart captain and a servetta (serving maid), and thwarted efforts to find love.

Many famous comedic performers, among them, Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy, and Jim Carey owe a great deal to the influence of this comedic style.

While The Raspberry Beret does not adhere to all the conventions of Commedia it draws on many of them to create an intriguing, mad-cap melee of mischief, recurring jokes and music.

The cast, crew of The Raspberry Beret cordially invite you to join us in the fun Wednesday 28 to Friday 30 November at 7.00 pm sharp. Tickets are available via www.trybooking.com/ZBLO.

Historically, performances were improvised around set scenarios. Subsequently, the convention of the vecchi, Pantalone and Graziano, the former attempting to marry off his daughter for profit, is retained. So, too, other conventional stock characters like two energetic, sassy servants, Arlecchino and Columbina, a braggart suitor for Panatlone’s daughter, and a plethora of others, are retained. Similarly, the conventions of the lazzi, burle and zani chorus have been retained. However, the text also introduces distinctly contemporary elements in the content, music and songs.

The skill, commitment and enthusiasm of the sixty-five Year 8 to 10 cast and musicians, SACE Stage 1 Drama Year 11 Production Team, Old Scholars and Staff has brought this extravaganza of high energy performance to stage in six weeks, a credit to them all.

The Raspberry Beret is intended to bring the fast pace and zany comedy of commedia into a modern context for both performers and audience alike to enjoy. ‘Welcome once more, my friends! Welcome once more to the world of intrigue and subterfuge, of romance, deception, betrayal and unrequited love, a world of hearts bought, sold and given away!’ Zebedi, Act 3

Speech Day

Thank you to Big Band 1 and Vocal Jazz 1 who will again provide the music for Speech Day. Thanks especially to our Year 12 students who conscientiously attended rehearsals.

Musical Dates for the Diary

Year 10 Service Day - Monday 3 December

Year 10 Music Class will visit two rest homes to entertain the guests with their annual Christmas Concert.

Carols and Nativity - Thursday 6 December, MMC

Christmas CD Launch - Monday 10 December

Westminster's own Christmas album will be released on Monday 10 December. There will be an official launch at 5.30 pm outside the MMC (weather permitting). All choirs on the CD will perform their Christmas songs live and then families will be able to collect their CDs. Everyone is invited to this event whether involved in the CD or not. We are thrilled that the album will be ready for Christmas.

Michael Degenhart
Head of Performing Arts