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Early Learning to Year 12

Head of Drama - Edition 9 - 2019

This year’s Year 12 SACE Stage 2 Production, What Rhinoceros, staged Wednesday 29 to Friday 31 May certainly proved to be thought provoking! Drawing on elements of Theatre of the Absurd, Black Comedy and Epic Theatre, the script took its audience on a challenging journey into the world of extremist political ideologies. Ariadne Doles, a reporter for Anakálypsi News @ 6 has stumbled upon signs a significant shift in the Zeitgeist is occurring, one which does not bode well for a tolerant society. Her research is met with scepticism by her close friend, and secret love, Atlas Exapatisi, the womanizing, disenchanted Anchor Man for Anakálypsi News @ 6. However, before too long the signs of the shift are clear with dire consequences. What will happen when powerful forces descend upon a place inhabited by the comfortably unexceptional, riding their luck?

What Rhinoceros?, like Eugene Ionesco’s work ‘Rhinoceros,’ to which it is something of a homage, is a response to what the playwright observes happening in their world. The Zeitgeist, the spirit of the times, is such that, on the one hand, we and our children live under the much publicised spectre of fundamentalist and militant minorities while, on the other, the reality of response from growing Far Right political minority movements go largely under reported. Seventy five years after the defeat of Nazi Germany, What Rhinoceros explored how the phenomena of extremism is sometimes enabled by people’s complacencies and fears.

What Rhinoceros? explored how dangerous ideas become ideology, ideology a Movement, a Movement, action, and that action, reality. The cast researched and grappled with this concept during the rehearsal process.

As Ariadne of What Rhinoceros, says, ’Beware anyone who hates, and incites hatred for another!’

Our fine Westminster SACE Stage 2 Drama students worked hard to bring this production to life with the view to staging a thought provoking production, and succeeded in doing so to great effect.

The Year 11 SACE Stage 1 Production in Term 3 is tipped to be a comedy, no doubt a welcome shift in direction!

John Doherty
Head of Drama