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Head of Dance - Edition 13 - 2021

It is with great pleasure that I share information with you on our 2021 Co-Captains in Dance. They are inspiring young people of great character that I have had the joy of working with this year.

Please enjoy hearing from Gabe Lowe and Charlotte Reed.

An Interview with Dance Co-Captain 2021 - Gabe

My name is Gabe Lowe and I have been dancing since I was six years of age, studying ballet, jazz, contemporary and many more dance styles. I’ve always believed in being an intelligent dancer and pushing myself to not just my physical limits but mental too while I dance. During my time at Westminster School, I have been involved in Stage 1 and 2 Dance, the Dance Collective, Classical Coaching, Senior Ballet and Silks, the school musicals Annie and School of Rock, and the 2019 Westminster New York Dance tour. Through my involvement in all these experiences, I have gained a wonderful set of friends and a close community that have supported me in my growth as a dancer and a person. This year I wanted to be a dance captain who led by example, showing the qualities and enthusiasm most valued in both this program and as a dancer, in order to bring students into the dance community that has been such an integral part of my own schooling. In the future, I wish to become a principal dancer in a professional dance company and am currently taking steps towards that with applications to dance diploma courses and auditioning for professional productions in South Australia.

A note from Ms Obst - Gabe has just last week been offered a position in the Queensland National Ballet School’s Full-time Advanced Diploma in Dance course. Gabe will participate in this Elite Performance programme during 2022/2023 on a half 2-year Scholarship valued at $11,600. We congratulate Gabe on his acceptance into this prestigious Dance school and wish him all the very best as he strives to achieve his dream.

An Interview with Dance Co-Captain 2021 - Charlotte

My name is Charlotte Reed and I am one of the Westminster School Dance Co-Captains for 2021. This year, I am studying Stage 2 Dance. I came to Westminster School in Year 8 and this is where my passion for dance began. Over the past five years, I have been involved in many dance performances and multiple co-curricular dance classes before and after school. I have also assisted the Preparatory School Dance Program for the past four years.

Throughout my dance career at Westminster, I have aspired to be a role model for younger dance students. I believe that being the Westminster School Dance Co-Captain in 2021 has been an excellent opportunity for me to further assist the skills and techniques of the younger students. Throughout this year I have loved getting to know the dance students even more. I wish to leave behind my passion for dance and display how assisting a dancer in the slightest way can help them to strive for more.

I have always believed that you should not only go on stage and express an outstanding performance but also show your passion and commitment to the dance. One of my favourite quotes from Martha Graham states;

Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion”.

Dance is something that I am very passionate about. I believe in 2021 we have come together as a dance community and built new friendships, even through the struggling times of COVID-19 during lockdown.

Next year, I am hoping to go to university and study Occupational Therapy for children. I have always liked to assist people in a positive way and help them to strive. Working with the dance students has been a highlight of my time at Westminster and has helped me to grow and become the person I am today.

Carolyn Obst
Head of Dance