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Early Learning to Year 12

From the Principal - Edition 8 - 2022

Each year, at about this time, it is not uncommon that we might start to feel a bit of seasonal restlessness, a bit of short-lived seasonal depression even. We are only weeks away from the shortest day of the year and then, slowly but surely, the days will start to grow longer again. However, despite our increasing hours of sun, our days will most likely remain cold and wet.

Calling on my knowledge as a geography teacher, the tilt of the Earth’s axis will start the sun’s migration to the Tropic of Capricorn, ready for the summer solstice. While the sun tracks south quite quickly, the heat associated with it moves considerably slower. So, while there is a rapid turn-around of the passage of the sun, the weather associated with it is much slower to arrive. My ‘geography lesson’, however, serves to illustrate more than a solstice.

The winter solstice is just one day like the election but, just like the election, the solstice is not as significant as the changes that happen after it. Our recent changes in Federal Government have been quite rapid yet the impact of this change will take some time to be fulfilled. Labor has pledged its support for choice in education and it will uphold the funding model that is currently in place for independent schools. That they have been able to form a majority government is a little bit of a blessing for schools. As if they had to form a coalition with the Greens, independent education could have been in for some long-term and significant changes. The Greens’ credentials around environmental matters are outstanding, however, their standing manifesto around independent education requires a much better understanding of the important role of schools and services within this national sector. Consequently, Westminster will continue to work closely with our representatives at a Federal and State level to ensure that we are represented, understood and advocated for appropriately.

The winter weather has certainly not dampened our enthusiasm for sport with yet another great round scheduled over the weekend. Our building work continues, although the weather is making Westminster Green look a little more like a lake than the start of a beautiful parkland garden. Many parents and friends have used or at least visited the Forder Centre, and the Dragon Café is already showing itself to be a focal point for our community.

Despite the weather, work on Westminster Green continues, and we do all need to be mindful of rolling traffic interruptions inside the Main Gates until all works are completed, including the new drive and drop-off zones. Thank you to all of our families for taking these disruptions in your stride as we make great progress towards the end of this transformative phase of our Campus Masterplan.

Simon Shepherd