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Early Learning to Year 12

From the Principal - Edition 16 - 2022

Sometimes it is hard to fathom just how much can happen in a school in two weeks. They seem to pass in the blink of an eye, yet so much happens. Since our last eNews, activities around School have ranged from concerts to WestVvnture and our Grand Opening Celebration to mark not just the opening of new facilities, but the completion of the first chapter of our Campus Masterplan.

We have announced the retirement of our Chairman of Council, Phillip Styles (‘66) and the appointment of our Chair Elect, Craig Need (‘86). Having shared news of David Wallage’s retirement, we have been active in recruiting our new Head of Senior School Deputy Principal and hope to make an announcement soon about this important leadership position.

Our Year 12s have started their exams and in a few more short weeks, we will celebrate their Valedictory Dinner. As the Year 12s departed, our new School Student Leaders for 2023 were decided and in the new year, we will induct them into their positions. Two leadership positions remain open to be decided over the course of Term 1 2023.

The mantle of leadership can be worn by any student in our School and we actively encourage all students to be leaders to the best of their ability; leaders through their actions, service to others, values, integrity, courage and learning from their mistakes. Some of the most outstanding leadership we have in our community remains unseen, just like the foundations of our new buildings. But it is this supportive strength, figuratively and literally, that quietly underpins the building of all that is good at Westminster.

Likewise, it is important that we all lead by example. Our new driveway is open and it is pleasing to see so many taking advantage of the improvements. Of course, with the new ‘kiss and drop’ zones resulting in a smoother traffic flow (if used correctly - please also note parking zone/time signs), it takes a conscious effort not to let speed creep up in the School grounds. Our limit is 10 kph and we thank everyone using the roadways who observe this, but we need to do better. The 10 kph starts from gate entry, not halfway around, and running late for drop-off or pick-up is not a reason to speed. At the beginning and end of the school day, there are many students crossing roadways so the 10 kph limit is essential. Westminster has a non-delegable duty of care to keep students safe and anyone who continues to ignore or forget the speed limit on campus, places students at risk. The School is then placed in the unenviable position of finding ways to prevent a repeat offender from speeding on campus, which could potentially include a ban from bringing a vehicle into the School grounds. Of course, this is not something we want to do but we will not allow student safety to be compromised.

On a lighter note, we have a heavily packed calendar to see out the remainder of 2022, notably with a big Christmas community event planned for Friday 9 December in our new Westminster Green. More information about this festive occasion will be released soon. Westminster Green proved a huge success at our Grand Opening Celebration. We are delighted to be hosting another major event so soon in this wonderful gathering space at the heart of our School and community.

Simon Shepherd