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Friends of Westminster - Edition 6 - 2020

It’s been a while since the Friends of Westminster committee has been able to communicate with the School community so here’s to hoping we’re all on the road to recovery!

We finished Term 1 without being able to hold the Fun Fair, the first one missed in the School’s history. Of course, it was pretty devastating to our Fun Fair team and FoW committee who were well into the planning before we had no choice but to call it off. Next year it is the School’s 60th Anniversary so we are looking ahead to make this a really special Fun Fair event. The Fun Fair committee is about to undergo a change too which would have been the case with or without the fair so we are hoping to find some additional volunteers who would be prepared to join us. There are great volunteers and excellent notes to step stallholders and helpers through the process so if you are interested, please email me at fwestminster@westminster.sa.edu.au and I, or another member of the FoW Committee, will be in contact for a chat. I’ll look forward to sharing more about these changes in the next eNews.

While we couldn’t hold the Fun Fair, our Boarder Parents’ Association had something new planned for this year. After some discussion, the BPA is keen to still run with it and we’re throwing our support behind it. So get ready for the Cow Pat Lotto! There are 100 tickets, each representing 100 squares with its own number in a pen, the layout of which will be revealed closer to the event. A cow will be placed in the pen on Saturday 23 May at 12 noon and wherever it poos will mark the winner of the lotto. The rewards are generous and the chances of winning a prize are high (30%) - $2000 for first prize, $1000 for second and $500 for third. To ensure we meet social distancing guidelines, the Cow Pat Lotto will take place on a property near Clare (thank you Sanders family!). It’s in support of our Boarding students so please join us by buying a ticket at $100 each: https://www.trybooking.com/BHXEF. There’s a plan taking shape to share the actual event online but still some logistics to sort before arrangements can be fully confirmed. It will be great fun and you may well be the winner!

The FoW Annual General Meeting was planned for Monday 18 May but at this time we are having to postpone it. Additional news expected this week to ease some of the restrictions around gatherings will be taken into account when we propose a new date, time and location for the AGM. We’ll use social media and the eNews to get this update into and around the community. If you are interested in finding out more about the Friends of Westminster and its governing committee, please email me: fwestminster@westminster.sa.edu.au

Please don’t forget to consider how you might be able to assist for the 2021 60th Anniversary Fun Fair – we’re keen to get that team up and running in Term 3, which we are thinking will be fine to do by then, to give us time to ensure it is a fabulous celebration!

That’s enough from me for this edition of the eNews. Again, welcome back to Westminster and Term 2 – let’s look forward to a brighter happy time when we can enjoy meeting up in person!

Caroline Phegan
Friends of Westminster