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Friends of Westminster - Edition 1 - 2021

Friends of Westminster

Welcome to Westminster 2021 from our community groups that unite under the Friends of Westminster banner. Last year, we kept a fairly low profile with most of our regular events and meetings cancelled. We are optimistic about 2021 and while we don’t underestimate the impact of COVID-19, we are forging ahead with our plans for the School’s 60th Anniversary year.

The Friends of Westminster (FoW) comprises the Parents’ Club, Fun Fair Committee, Friends of Music, Boarder Parents’ Association, WAVE/WARTS and Westminster Old Scholars’ Association (WOSA). It also has associations with the School’s Archives team and the School Foundation. We come together once or twice a term, depending on our program, to share ideas and hear news of what each group is up to. All of our groups are volunteer based and look to support the School and students, as well as each other. We welcome any new families and those already at the School to join FoW or any of these groups at any time. FoW also supports the School’s Wish List. Last year, we agreed to donate funds to buy an industry standard coffee machine for the new Food Tech space in the Inquiry and Innovation Hub. Prior to that, we donated significantly to the Thomas Pavilion, which has already seen a huge amount of use by the School community. We are a dynamic group of ‘doers’ so as you can imagine last year was pretty frustrating… but we are set to have fun in 2021 – how can you resist being involved!

On a sadder note. we are again unable to hold the Fun Fair this year. For those of you unfamiliar with this event, it has been recognised for many years as one of the biggest annual school fairs in South Australia, attracting many thousands of visitors from all of Adelaide, indeed SA, to the School. It is just not possible to hold an event of this magnitude in today’s climate. Instead, we are joining forces with the School to participate in WestFest, which will be only for the School community (and friends) to be held on Saturday 20 March, from 4.00 to 8.00 pm near the Thomas Pavilion. It will be community picnic party, with loads of entertainment, food, drink and activities, and include a small but select market. FoW is excited to be involved in this event so that we are again out and about, and can showcase what we are capable of achieving within the School and community.

This year, we have also had interest in starting some groups that are focused on activities. Two that have been floated are the Camping and Touring Club and the Aqua Sports Club (eg boating, waterskiing). If you are interested in helping set these up, please do not hesitate to contact Peter Trenorden (‘77), Westminster’s Community and Communication Manager (see Peter’s contact details below). Peter has been actively involved with the School for a long (actually a very long) time and is always keen to find ways to successfully connect the community. There may be other interests that can be served too so if you have any ideas, please contact Peter. Chances are that there is someone else thinking the same as you but the introductory likeminded connections haven’t been formed as yet!

The Parents’ Club, which is part of the Friends of Westminster, is also looking at its fundraising program through the year. Currently, the Parents’ Club is discussing the running of the Women of Westminster (WoW) Mother’s Day Lunch, which we are planning will go ahead on Friday 7 May. Further details will be shared as plans take shape.

The Boarder Parents are keen to repeat the success of the Cow Pat Lotto; the Friends of Music ,with extra support from FoW, will be helping with the School musical at the end of Term 1; Parents’ Club will be determining what is possible around Sports Days, assuming parents and caregivers can attend; WOSA is gearing up with a massive ‘catch up‘ reunion program and then there are the Old Scholar sporting and activity clubs, which are lifeforce of their own! Check out the Glandore community oval on a Saturday afternoon in winter and you will find one of the biggest gatherings of the Westminster community outside of School around a WOS Football Club home games (same goes for WOS Soccer Club but on the Courtney at School)! Across Westminster, we willingly help each other out when extra effort is required and it is a great way to get to know others in the School community.

We are fiercely protective of Westminster’s reputation as having one of the best and most supportive School communities in South Australia. We are all in this together as one big Westminster community and want you to feel that way too. If you want to find out more, please don’t hesitate to make contact with one of us:

Caroline Phegan
President, Friends of Westminster
M: 0412 144 277
E: caroline@webcraft.net.au

Ali Wilson
Treasurer, Friends of Westminster and Fun Fair Committee
M: 0402 402 924
E: ali.m.wilson@bigpond.com

Michelle Green
President, Parents’ Club
M: 0417 857 007
E: michelle@painmedsa.com

Sarah Parker
President, Boarder Parents’ Association
M: 0410 421 413
E: bindarrah1@bigpond.com

Larissa Caudle
President, Friends of Music
C/- Donna Dunbar, Music Office
E : ddunbar@westminster.sa.edu.au
T: 08 8276 0236

Peter Trenorden (’77)
Community and Communications Manager
WOSA Executive Officer
Any other groups!
E: ptrenorden@westminster.sa.edu.au
T: 08 8276 0234M: 0417 810 533