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Early Learning to Year 12

Director of Music - Edition 2 - 2022


Music Notes!

Welcome to 2022 from the Music Department. The staggered start to the year has been a little unsettling for students and staff but we are looking forward to starting rehearsals in full swing next week. Staff and students are mindful of all the protocols and will continue to work as safely as we can within each environment.

There were some innovative teaching spaces that were sought as a result. The students pictured had their first bassoon lesson in the open air in the music garden outside the music house!

Thank goodness for the temperate climate we are experiencing at the moment!


Please see attached below our weekly rehearsal schedule for all ensembles in the school. With only one rehearsal per group per week, we ask that all students adhere to the following guidelines.

  1. Please arrive 10 minutes BEFORE the start time of your rehearsal. Similar to attending sports matches, organisation and a warm-up is needed. Musicians also need to set up and warm up. With only one weekly rehearsal per group, the time together is precious. Remember your music and a pencil.
  2. Inform your choir or band director if you are unable to attend a rehearsal due to illness. This should be done before the rehearsal if possible. If not as soon as practicable after the rehearsal. For senior students, this is your responsibility, not your parents.
  3. Attend your rehearsal with a good attitude and willingness to work as a team for each other. Good rehearsal technique and preparedness to work hard and take part is valuable for the ensemble. Taking responsibility for your own learning and practising your parts is essential for the success of the group.


The Music Department has performances from both the Senior and Prep School scattered throughout the calendar year. It is always wonderful to receive support from the Westminster community and we feel proud to have students display the results of their hard work.

To this end, I have included the Concert Expectations for all students.

At Westminster, we strive to create a positive environment and supportive culture where all ensembles and performers are valued. Performers are therefore expected to remain for the duration of any performance to ensure that those who perform last experience the same size audience as those who perform first.

All students who take part in rehearsals are expected to take part in concerts and performances as a courtesy to their peers and their ensemble.

I have attached our major performance calendar below for your information. While there are many more performances throughout the year, these include some of our largest concerts.

AMEB Piano

Congratulations to the following students on their outstanding AMEB piano results. All of the following students learn piano from Urszula Gruszewski.

Kate Cao (Year 7 Forder) -AMEB Piano Grade 5 - High Distinction - A+
Barad Abdollahpour (Year 7 Carter) - AMEB Piano Grade 4 - High Distinction - A+
Marcus Aung (Year 9 Dunstan) - AMEB Piano Grade 1 - High Distinction - A+
Ajay Rose ('21) - AMEB Theory Grade 3 - High Distinction - A+
Marcus Aung (Year 9 Dunstan) - AMEB Theory Grade 1 - High Distinction - A+
Victoria Ma (Year 3 Mace) - AMEB Theory Grade 1 - High Distinction - A+
Katherine Ma (Year 5 Mace) - AMEB Theory Grade 2 - High Distinction - A+

Michael Degenhart
Director of Music